We all somewhat agree the group of three friends is always the best. After Netflix, Amazon Prime, the OTT platform Disney+ Hotstar dropped the new Tamil series Triples follows the lives of three friends who juggle between love and life.

The Karthik Subbaraj-produced Tamil rom-com web series specially created for the Tamil audience. Directed by Charukesh Sekar, released on December 11, 2020 streaming now on Disney+ Hotstar VIP.

The producer Karthik Subbaraj shares his interesting views in an interview-“Comedy is something that everybody loves to watch.

The idea of Triples is not too complicated and is told in an enjoyable format. The series stars Jai Sampath, Vivek Prasanna, Rajkumar, and Vani Bhojan.

The show set in backdrop of Chennai revolves around three friends whose life got tangled with a series of misadventures. The series follows the eight episodes is all set to entertain throughout the series. 

What is the plot of the series? 

The plot revolves around the three friends Raju, Maadhu and Cheenu set out to Goa to resolve the major problem that collapsed their business and spins their lives out of control.

The tale of three friends becomes adventurous when their journey meets with a lone shark. A politician who is one the lookout for his daughter, an ex-wife, and a current girlfriend.

The eight episodes are crazy ride of three friends with decent mix of romance, adventure, and right amount of humor.

The eight episodes series greatly influenced and match the late Crazy Mohan style of writing. He, one of the versatile actor-writer’s introduced the word humor made so famous in the Tamil movies. He made a contribution to the Tamil comedy scene.

The trailer seems funny introduced to some relatable brilliant characters looks familiar to our Tamil audience.

Join Triples in the crazy ride of three friends promises a lot of fun drama, wordplay, puns, gigs, and some cracking moments during stressful times. 

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What is the cast of the series? 

The series assembles a talented and versatile cast pull off the series with their perfect comic timing.

The character’s names in the series are also a reference to Crazy Mohan’s theatre sketches. The series starring Ram Kumar as Jai, Maadhu as Vivek Prasanna, and Cheenu as Rajkumar in a lead role.

The series is about the three friends, their life, love, and personal adventure intertwined with each other. Ram married to Meera plays Vani Bhojan who faced familial criticism due to the inability to bear a child.

There are other casts including Namita Krishnamurthy as Janaki, Madhuri as Mythili, A.Venkatesh Kavithalaya Krishnan, etc will appear in the series. 

Where to download the Triples series? 

The series Triples released on December 11, 2020 streaming now on Disney+ Hotstar VIP. Watch the crazy-fun series with the subscription plan.

The subscription charges of Hotstar + Disney Premium is 399 rupees per year. So you can purchase this plan and watch all other streaming online movies free.

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Last Update: December 15, 2020