YouTube is the largest streaming app has over 2 billion people monthly logged-in users. And every day, people watch over a billion hours of video and generate billions of views. There are localized versions of YouTube in over 100 countries around the world, across 80 languages. There are 500+ hours of content uploaded every minute. It consists of tons of music videos to what’s trending in gaming, entertainment, news, and more. If you searching for download videos, music files, and anything you want that directly comes onto your mobile phone. Here is one app that makes your work easy through TubeMate YouTube Downloader.

What is the YouTube Downloader app?

TubeMate Downloader is a software application to download videos from YouTube directly onto your mobile phone. It can saved your videos on an SD card so that you can watch them wherever you want.

It has a simple interface to access the video through the ‘browser’ that comes integrated within the app itself. What you can do to simply press the green arrow button located at the bottom of the screen. You also prefer to choose what quality you want to download your content. It has different resolution options adapted on the various terminals Android compatible with this app. It saves your videos on your storage card from where you can switch your videos to store in different locations. The user can download and install this app free of cost. It can download videos depending upon the size of the file as well as its resolution.

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TubeMate, a completely safe application as long as it is downloaded from a trusted online portal. It is an official site and primarily designed for downloading videos from YouTube, but you can access other popular websites for example include Vimeo, Dailymotion, and Veoh. TubeMate has many versions updated from time to time.

It launched a new version of TubeMate 3.3 with some new features and improvements. So we talking out what are some new features and improvements-

Post-processing improvement

There are fixed post-processing issues in integrating with MP3 Converter. So TubeMate does not resolve the problems exactly, but it will do some upgradation like it will work much smoother than before. Especially TubeMate does not come back to the front when post-processing is completed anymore while you’re using another app.

Removable SD card support improvement (Android N (7.0) and higher)

The user who uses a removable SD card, TubeMate can now access the whole SD card space, and the downloaded files won’t be deleted in the SD card if TubeMate is uninstalled. All you have to make sure you set a new folder for download and permit them when you are asked.

Music album covers change support (via MP3 Converter)

Editing music information now integrates with MP3 Converter for better features, like music album cover change. You can search for an image or choose a file from your phone to set as an album cover. Also when you edit the artist or album name, it supports auto-complete for easier use. 

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Facebook download improvement

The best part of this updation, you can download Facebook videos too. With multiple options and also watch high-quality videos.

Issues fix of upgrade on Android 10

TubeMate had problems regarding up-gradation on Android 10 devices which have to be resolved by TubeMate. All you will need to install this version from your web browser first, then you will able to upgrade within TubeMate again.

So there are five amazing features and improvements, TubeMate upgrade in its new version TubeMate 3.3. Download your favorite videos and can access them anytime.

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Last Update: January 17, 2021