Netflix’s new miniseries “Unbelievable” is a true story of an 18-year-old girl who was raped in her home and when she reported the crime to police, no one believes in her and she ends up being charged for a false report.

The series, based on Ken Armstrong and T. Christian Miller, 2015 ProPublica article “An Unbelievable Story of Rape”. It clearly shows a real string of sexual assaults that happened in Washington and Colorado from 2008 to 2011.

It also depicts how two detectives from two different departments team up to find out the truth behind the sexual assault and girl case.

Undoubtedly, this Netflix series touches people’s hearts deeply and as it is based on a true incident, there are many real people depicted as characters in this new series.

The real attacker name is Marc O’Leary and serves a life sentence

The real-life rapist of Unbelievable series is Marc O’Leary (played by Blake Ellis in this series). He was sentenced to 325.7 years in prison by the government of Colorado for his sexual assault throughout the state.

Moreover, he sentenced to 68.5 years by the Washington government for his rape attack against Marie and other victims.

Marie restores her relationship with her foster moms, although they cheated her

Marie’s foster mother, Peggy Cunningham (played by Elizabeth Marvel) and Shannon McQuery (played by Bridget Everett) doubt on Marie’s story. Although they went to the police to tell them that Marie was unreliable and prone to histrionics.

But now both realize their mistakes and Marie also forgave her former foster mother for her mistakes.

Real-Life Detective Edna Hendershot played by Grace Rasmussen in this series

Grace Rasmussen played the role of real-life Edna Hendershot in this top-rated series. She is one of the best detectives who investigate and solve 100and more rape cases before she encounters serial attacker of Marie and other women cases.

After solving the case, in 2013 she was promoted to sergeant of Westminster police and in 2017 to patrol commander. Now she does not work on rape cases but trains new cops on how to handle sexual cases.

Detective Stacy Galbraith played by Karen Duvall

In real-life, Stacy Galbraith, detective of the Golden department initiates the investigation of the case after her husband suggested, who is an officer in Westminster.

In 2012, she was honored for her outstanding work on this case and others. After that, she joined the Colorado Bureau of investigation and right now she is doing an exceptionally good job in Jefferson County District Attorney as a criminal investigator.

The end of the series linked with Marie life

In the last part of the series, it was shown that Marie won against the city of Lynnwood, Washington. Then she started a new life after getting a new license. Undoubtedly this was an unbelievable story of rape. But now she is in a new life with new in-laws and expecting her second child.

Altogether she has now forgotten the entire incident and marched on for a new life.