Unblocked Games Premium as its name implies is the collection of the best games that you can easily play without any restriction or blockage.

These are a list of the games that you love to play alone or with your family members. But before gaining a list of unblocked games premium, first, understand what is unblocked games and why they are blocked.

What are unblocked games and why they are blocked?

Many schools, colleges, offices, and businesses have blocked various gaming sites or games to avoid distractions of their students or employees from their studies or work.

They use filters or other ways, to restrict games to play. This is the reason why these games are blocked.

But every blockage has an opening, the same concept applies here. There are various games available over the internet that you can play without any restrictions or issues. They are known as unblocked games.

You can easily play these games in schools, offices, and other places in your free time. It offers quality graphics and the best experience during playtime. All you need is a mobile phone, tablets and computers.

Below is the list of the best-unblocked games premium that you can easily access and love to play.

Unblocked Games Premium list

Super Mario Flash

Super Mario Flash also known as SMF1 is the first official game released in the series. There are three variations of flash-based Mario fun games.

The levels and obstacles in this unblocked game premium become difficult as you proceed further.

It is an interesting fun game to enjoy in your spare time to freshen your mind.


The ultimate virtual universe game “Roblox” developed by Roblox Corporation. The best part of this online game is that it allows its users to program or create their game according to themselves.

As well as they also play the game created by other users or players. It is one of the best games to enjoy.

Death Run 3D

The best unblocked game “Death Run 3D” will take you to the neon world and pass through a labyrinth.

It is a one-person game and you have speedy cross the tunnel facing various obstacles and hurdles in between.

Moto X3M

The beautifully crafted bike racing game Moto X3M is fun to play. Filled with adventurous level and massive and moving obstacles, the difficulty of the game increase level by level.

It was first released as a flash game but later on, portrayed as a HTML5 game by game developers Madpuffers. It is the most famous game in the motorbike genre game list.

Five Nights at Freddy’s

Steel Wool Studios’ first-person survival horror game “Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach” is amazing.

In this game, a player is a young boy who is stuck in a large shopping mall and tries to protect himself from various dangerous threats until morning.

It is a fun-filled game that contains various shocking and thrilling hurdles in between.

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Cookie Clicker

Cookie Clicker

is a very interesting and easy game, especially designed for small kids. In this beautiful game, you have to prepare cookies.

The initial level of the game is very easy but you can also buy a grandmother who cooks delicious cookies for you and a farm too.

Run 3

Run 3 is an online Marvel game that takes you on the journey of the universe. It is not just a game, it’s a pathway that challenges your reflexes and strategic thinking.

This interesting runner game takes you through intricate tunnels suspended in the void of space each with various twists and turns.

Flappy Bird

The popular unblocked game premium “Flappy Bird” is a single-player game, developed in 2013.

In this game, the player is controlling a bird and tries to fly it in between the green pipe columns without hitting it.

The game needs concentration and focus, before hitting the bird.

Happy Wheels

Jim Bonacci created the popular computer game Happy Wheels, a racing game which developed in 2010.

Happy Wheels game includes different characters such as a businessman on a Segway, a dad and his son riding a bike, and others.

The goal of the game is different in different levels but in most levels is to reach the finish by collecting tokens in between.

Sports Heads Football 2

Sports Heads Football 2 is one of the best-unblocked games premium that is liked by football lovers.

You can play this fantasy game with your friends. All you need to do is score as many goals as possible by using simple arrows and other keys.

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