Streaming Movies, TV shows, and music videos is one of the best ways to entertain ourselves and enjoy time with others. Therefore, the number of movie sites is increasing day by day. However, certain restrictions are available with certain sites that do not allow users to access them.

Although some restrictions are good as they protect our devices whether it would be mobile phones or laptops from viruses, some are unwanted and useless restrictions that are mostly available in schools and offices.

If you are a movie and TV show lover and love to enjoy movies free without any restrictions then you check the methods mentioned below.

How to watch movies for free?

2024 has started and various movies are released or upcoming on your favorite movie platforms. So, to watch such movies there are two methods.

One method to watch movies free without any problems or restrictions is VPN. The other one is the unblocked movie site 2024. Let’s learn about them one by one.

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How to watch movies using VPN?

If you want to access movies that are under restrictions then you must try the VPN method.

Although certain VPNs are free and provide accessibility to your favorite content. But the problem with this VPN is the speed and quality of video.

There are some PureVPNs also available on the internet that provide ultrasonic speed (Approximately 20 GPS connection) and good picture quality.

They seamlessly connect to several servers and protect almost 10 of your devices at once. It protects your data from external viruses maintains your privacy and also breaks the location-based obstacles.

But they are paid ones. Therefore, to access these VPNs you have to purchase it. It includes three plans Max, Plus, and Standard with different- different features.

Max plan

Monthly plan: $20.45 per month

Yearly plan: $5.09 per month (New Year offer- 75% off + 3 Months Extra)

2 Year plan: $3.29 per month (New Year offer- 84% off + 5 Months Extra)

Features of Max plan

  • High-Speed VPN
  • Secure Password Manager
  • End to End-to-end file Encryption
  • Personal Privacy Manager

Plus Plan

Monthly plan: $16.95 per month

Yearly plan: $5.82 per month (New Year offer- 66% off)

2 Year plan: $2.96 per month (New Year offer- 83% off)

Features of the Plus plan

  • High-Speed VPN
  • Secure Password Manager
  • End-to-end file Encryption

Standard Plan

Monthly plan: $12.45 per month

Yearly plan: $3.13per month (New Year offer- 75% off + 3 Months Extra)

2 Year plan: $1.97per month (New Year offer- 84% off + 3 Months Extra)

Features of standard plan

  • High-Speed VPN

Steps to unblock Movie Sites 2024 using a VPN

  • Select a good VPN service provider
  • Download the VPN and install it on your device
  • Log in with your preferred app and choose a server
  • Once the VPN connects, move over to your browser and choose your favorite movie sites.
  • Now blocked movie sites or restricted movie sites work smoothly.

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Unblocked Movies Sites 2024

There are various unblocked movie sites where you can watch your favorite content (movies and TV shows) without any restrictions.


SolarMovie is one of the best platforms to watch free movies. Its strong personalization options and sorted library content make this site different from others.

In this app, you can divide the content based on country, release date, and genre.

A large number of advertisements and an overwhelming interface made this site a little annoying to watch movies on.


In the outbreaking list of unblocked movie sites in 2024, Tubi is the best. It offers good quality content and includes big entertainment industry names such as Fox Corporation, MGM, Paramount, and Warner Bros.

You don’t need to log in to its premium account to watch movies. But Tubi is available in the US only to access it outside, one should change the IP address.

The number of advertisements is also the biggest issue on the Tubi free movies site.


Out of several unblocked movie sites in 2024, Crackle is one of the best. Its awesome and interesting collection of streaming content is just awesome and makes it unique from others.

Advertisements on Crackle are also less in number as compared to others but its outdated interference is the legging factor of this website.


Another big name in the list of best free streaming movies is Vudu. On this site, you can watch your favorite content without much interference from advertisements.

The library of Vudu is not as vast as others but it offers good quality content. You cannot access all the content of Vudu for free but you have an option to purchase or rent favorite movies and TV shows at low prices. The biggest with Vudu is, it is not available outside the US.


The popular name in the unblocked movies sites 2024 name is MusicHQ. The search functionality of this site is awesome and it also allows its users to search niche titles from more than 35 countries.

The pop-up advertisements on this site are less than the other free streaming movie sites.

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