There is no age to play video games. It transports into the virtual world with some extraordinary powers and underlying forces. The human brain is wired to crave instant gratification, fast pace, and unpredictability. All three are satisfied with video games. Some upcoming video games in 2021 will steal your attention. There are some fantastic new games available for various platforms including for the new generation consoles – the Xbox Series X and PS5 – as well as PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC of course. So make sure to add these new games and pre-orders are available as well.

Far Cry 6

Release Date: 2021

Developer: Ubisoft Toronto

Embrace the gritty experience of an improvised modern-day guerrilla and take down a Dictator and his son to free Yara.

Far Cry 6 is an upcoming first-person shooter game set to release in 2021 for video game lovers. It is the sixth main installment of the Far Cry series published by Ubisoft.

It is available for platforms including Amazon Luna, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, etc. Available for pre-order.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2

Release Date: 2021

Developer: Hardsuit Lab

Enter the World of Darkness and rise through vampire society. Experience Seattle – a city full of alluring, dangerous characters and factions.

In this sequel to the cult classic, your choices, plots, and schemes will change the balance of power. Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 is the upcoming video games published by Paradox Interactive.

Wisely choose terror, charm, cunning, and sheer will to rise through vampire society and hunt your prey in different dark-alluring location. Available for pre-purchase.

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Release Date: 2021

Developer: CD Projekt, CD Projekt RED

Cyberpunk 2077 is an open-world, action-adventure story set in Night City where you play as V transformed into a mercenary outlaw going after a one-of-a-kind implant that is the key to immortality.

The choices you make will shape your story with customize your character’s cyber walk, skillset, and play style and explore the vast city. Cyberpunk is the upcoming video games set in the world of the Cyberpunk universe.

It is available for the platform including Google Stadia, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, Microsoft Windows.

Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood

Release Date: 4 February 2021

Developer: Cyanide

A Ruthless struggle to save mother earth. You will explore the unique experience full of savage combat and mystical adventures in the upcoming role-playing game.

It is based on White Wolf Publishing’s tabletop role-playing game Werewolf: The Apocalypse, and is part of the larger World of Darkness series.

It is available for various platforms including Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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Release Date: 2 February 2021

Developer: People Can Fly

As mankind bleeds out in the trenches of Enoch, create your Outrider, and explore the journey across the hostile planet.

The story is highly intriguing spanning the diverse world and the player chooses weapons and gear-sets, Outriders offers countless hours of gameplay from one of the finest shooter developers in the industry – People Can Fly. Outrider is an upcoming third-person shooter published by Square Enix.

It is available for various platforms including Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S.

Hitman 3

Release Date: 20 January 2021

Developer: IO Interactive

Explore the globetrotting adventure and visit exotic locations in the upcoming stealth game. Hitman 3 will be the eighth main installment in the Hitman series.

It is the best place to play every game in the World of Assassination trilogy will be the final installment following Hitman and Hitman 2.IOI’s award-winning Glacier technology powers HITMAN 3’s tactile and immersive game world to offer a unique experience for player choice and replayability.

The upcoming video games is available for various platforms including PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Series S.

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Resident Evil Village

Release Date: 2021

Developer: Capcom

The next generation of survival horror rises in the form of Resident Evil Village, the eighth major entry in the Resident Evil series.

With ultra-realistic graphics powered by the RE Engine, fight for survival as danger lurks around every corner. Resident Evil Village is the upcoming survival horror game will one of the tenth major installment in the Resident Evil.

It is available for various platforms including PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, Microsoft Windows.

GhostWire: Tokyo

Release Date: 2021

Developer: Tango Gameworks

Tokyo is overrun by deadly supernatural forces after 99% of the city’s population vanished. Use a powerful arsenal of spectral abilities to fight the paranormal threat and unravel the mystery behind the mass disappearance. Be ready to face the unknown, discover the truth, and save the city.

Ghostwire: Tokyo is an upcoming action-adventure game for platforms including Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 5.

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Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

Release Date: 2021

Developer: Insomniac Games

Rift apart is an interesting third-person shooter platform game developed by Insomniac Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation.

Travel Ratchet and Clank in different dimensions transport to different locations in the form of rifts, within a minute or you will also unlock a new female character. Its graphics look impressive and fantastic demonstrates the speed of the PS 5 for which it has been designed.

Gran Turismo 7

Release Date: 2021

Developer: Polyphony Digital

It is an upcoming racing video game that gives you a thrilling experience about outstanding cars, glorious tracks, amazing and different locations, will grab your attention.

The graphics, dynamic visuals will blow your mind. Gran Turismo 7’s Campaign mode menu is displayed as a 3D map across the screen. The next-generation game is here with much faster processing speeds and 4K video support.

There is some new addition to Campaign mode features GT Cafe, GT Auto, and GT World. The upcoming video games will be available soon for PS 5 consoles.

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