Bored of playing the usual Ludo, Uno or Fortnite? Worry not this new game called ‘Valorant’ will surely bring back the excitement of playing a multi-player game. It is fun, captivating, challenging and mindful.

Below is all you need to know about this Shooter Video Game.



Valorant is a famous 5v5 character-based tactical shooter video game developed by Riot Games. It was launched worldwide on June 2, 2020. Directed by David Nottingham and Joe Ziegler, the game is free to play and available on Microsoft Windows. It is also available on Google Play Store.

Although the game is entirely free, if you want to use some in-game cosmetics you will have to purchase it. 


The game is giving all the PC gamers an energetic and an alternative play of “Overwatch”. It also tests your strategy, teamwork, and sense of coordination

The objective of the game is to use an agent with a specified skill and plant a bomb on the opponent’s territory. A point is awarded too once the team plants a bomb. 


  • Before entering the first round, you need to pick a group of agents, making sure that you pick those who have specific skills and are specialized in their roles. They have to help you win the game and reach the finish line.
  • You jump into a random map, once the agent is picked . This assures that you have formally entered the first round.
  • You can start the round as an attacker or defender, but you can easily switch rounds in between.
  • Before switching you need to navigate the buy phase, which will enable you to purchase weapons and abilities. Whatever you buy shapes up your win and so you need to be strategic in terms of your choosing. 
  • A specific gun is there for every switch and you need to be aware of the details of each weapon to succeed in the game. 


If confused, try to buy based on the weapon’s type. See how the weapon fits your style, expertise, and team strategy.

Each map is going to be a different adventure and step for you to face your enemies. 

You need to flex your creativity, coordinate with your team, and make smart yet calculative moves. So have fun with your friends playing ‘Valorant’ and exercise your tactical and creative skills as well!