Victor Garber is a renowned name in the Canadian actor’s list. Born in 1949, Victor Jay Garber is known for his excellent stage and screen work.

In his life, Victor Garber has worked in various movies and TV shows that are appreciated by audiences a lot. Moreover, he is also a good folk singer and presented his singing talent individually and with a group named “The Sugar Shoppe”.

Victor Garber achieved various awards in his career. He won Screen Actor Guild awards for his outstanding performance in Titanic, Milk, and Agro. In addition to that he was also appointed as an officer to the Order of Canada in 2022.

Garber’s lifetime achievements include various movies and TV shows that are good to watch and download. Check the list below to learn about Victor Garber’s movies and TV shows.

The last thing he told me (2023)

Apple TV+ original TV series “The Last Thing He Told Me” is based on Laura Dave’s novel of the same name.

The story of the thriller series focuses on  Hannah Hall played by Jennifer Garner in the series.

Hannah Hall forms an unexpected relationship with her stepdaughter Bailey Michaels, to find the truth behind her husband who disappeared recently.

In this seven-episode thriller entertaining series, Victor Garber is played the role of Professor Tobias Cookman. He played his role very well.

Funny Face (2020)

Tim Sutton’s revenge-based movie “Funny Face” is one of the most interesting Victor Garber movies and TV shows.

The story of the 2020 movie focuses on a young New Yorker who decides to take revenge on the real estate developer because he displayed his grandparents from their house. He wears a mask to hide his identity.

Victor Garber is in the role of the father of a real estate developer in this thriller and must-watch 2020 movie.

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Vixen: The Movie (2017)

The science-fiction movie “Vicen: The Movie”, the story of a superwoman girl named Mari. Mari possesses extraordinary powers over animals.

She can run as fast as a cheetah and have strength like a Gorilla. The movie shows the adventures of Mari and how she uses her powers to save the world from dangerous threats.

Victor Garber is in the role of Professor Martin Stein or Firestorm in this adventurous movie. He performed his character interestingly and correctly.

Consumed (2015)

A suspenseful true political thriller, Consumed, is one of the best Victor Garber Movies and TV Shows.

The story of this movie revolves around a mother who upset because of her son’s continuous health decrease.

She tries to find the reason behind that and soon she discovers that things are not as they seem. Some mysteries and dark reasons lie behind the deteriorating health of her son.

Victor Garber is in the role of CEO of GMO corporation, Clonestera in the movie named Dan Conway.

Charlie’s Angel (2011)

The second series of Charlie’s Angel Franchise and based on Ivan Goff and Ben Roberts’s original series of the same name.

Charlie’s Angel is an eight-episode series that focuses on three women who leave their jobs and start working as a private investigator for the Charles Townsend Agency. The agency works against crime in the city.

Victor Garber gives the voice of Charles “Charlie” Townsend in the series.

Web Therapy (2011- 2015)

Based on the web series of the same name, Web Therapy as its name implies is a comedy doctor drama directed by Don Roos and Dan Bucatinsky.

The story of the series focuses on a therapist named Fiona Wallica, who gives therapy on a webcam

Fiona believes that a 50-minute therapy session gives useless time for patients to talk about not-required things.

So, she shortened the therapy session as well as tapped the session to introduce her technique worldwide.

Victor Garber in this series is Fiona’s long-suffering, closet husband of 19 years who is also her attorney.

Eli Stone (2008-2009)

An amazing feel-good musical comedy series Eli Stone is one of the best Victor Garber Movies and TV shows.

The story of the series follows a lawyer named Eli Stone who is working in a top San Francisco law firm.

Eli Stone has the power to predict the future and he compelled to use this power to help the people in trouble.

Victor Garber is the co-owner of the firm and father of Taylor’s father (Eli’s ex-fiancée) in the series.

The Orville (2017- 2022)

Seth MacFarlane created the science-fiction series “The Orville” which takes its inspiration from the Star Wars franchise and Mass effects like games.

Set in the USS Orville spacecraft, the series shows the adventures and journey of the crew in outer space, approximately 400 years in the future.

The crew explores planets, visits different parts of the galaxy, and faces various critical and dangerous situations.

In this amazing three seasons and 36 episodes space series, Victor Garber played the interesting role of Admiral Halsey.

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Last Update: January 11, 2024