The long-running show back in the 90s and 00s, Chuck Norris entertained the audience with their exciting action-drama Walker, Texas Ranger with their huge millions of viewers.

A reboot of the Chuck Norris led Walker, Texas Ranger recreates the feel of this classic show starring Jared Padalecki as the titular Texas range premiered on January 21, 2021.

Walker is an American television crime drama series that will premiere on The CW network. The series is being developed by Anna Fricke.

The show is based on Walker, Texas Ranger by Leslie Greif & Paul Haggis of the 1993-2001 television series. It’s a reimagining of the long-running series “Walker, Texas Ranger,” “Walker” follows the adventures of Cordell Walker, a widower and father of two with his moral code.

As he returns home to Austin after being undercover for two years, only to discover there’s harder work to be done at home.

The show entitled with its first episode aired on the network on CW and the remaining three episodes will be coming soon this year.

What is the plot of the show?

According to the official synopsis-“At the center of the series is Cordell Walker, a man finding his way back to his family while investigating crime in the state’s most elite unit.

Our broken widower and father of two returns home to Austin after being undercover for two years for a high profile case – only to discover that there’s even more work to be done at home.

In a nod to the original series, Walker and his new partner — one of the only women in Texas Rangers’ history — are the modern-day heroes our world needs, following their moral code to fight for what’s right, regardless of the rules.”

The series filmed on location in Austin, Texas. The show focuses more on the personal lives of Cordell’s life, their family and love matters. Instead of their action sequence-“good guy beats up bad guy”.

The Ranger’s new partner; Micki Ramirez also plays a fairly large role in Walker’s life. The first episode show highly engaging and received well by the audience. It will be going to be interesting in their coming episodes.

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What is the cast of the show?

The cast ensemble the stellar cast starring long-running The CW drama, Supernatural star Jared Padalecki as Cordell Walker. A policeman who is a widower and father of two who returns to Austin after a long undercover assignment.

Lindsey Morgan as Micki Ramirez Walker’s new partner in the Texas Rangers. She best known for starring as mechanic Raven Reyes on The CW science fiction drama series The 100.

Mitch Pileggi plays Bonham Walker, Walker’s father, and Molly Hagan as Abeline Walker, Cordell, and Liam’s mother. Mitch also worked in another CW television series Supernatural season 6.

Molly Hagan co-starred in the films Code of Silence, The Dentist, Election, and Sully, etc.

Keegan Allen as Liam Walker, Cordell’s brother and an assistant DA for the City of Austin. She known for her main role as Toby Cavanaugh on the Freeform series Pretty Little Liars.

Coby Bell is Captain Larry James who is a brave and bold police officer. He will star in the series in an original role for the universe, Captain Larry James.

Jeff Pierre plays Trey Barnett who is Micki’s boyfriend who has just returned from Army Deployment. He has done popular shows such as Shameless, Once Upon a Time, etc.

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Where to watch the series?

The series premiere of Walker, a reimagining of the long-running series Walker aired on the CW network on Jan. 22.

You can also stream on FuboTV as a 7-day free trial and then $64.99/month or AT&T Now from $69.99/month.

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