Inventing Anna follows the true story of con artist Anna Delvey who lived a glamorous life in New York City posing as a German heiress. We have all the details on when, where, and how to watch Inventing Anna online from anywhere, and you can find them below.

The drama series Inventing Anna tells the true story of a con woman operating in New York high society, and it is based on a 2018 The Cut article, “How Anna (Sorokin) Delvey Tricked New York’s Party People,” written by Jessica Pressler.

Inventing Anna Netflix

The new miniseries follows journalist Vivian Kent as she tries to find out how Anna managed to steal New York high society’s hearts and money. So, she begins investigating Sorokin’s crimes during the time she awaited trial, uncovering her story. “People are painting a public picture of me as some criminal,” Anna says. “That’s not my story.”

How to Watch Inventing Anna Online From Anywhere

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Where to watch “Inventing Anna” for FREE in Full HD?

If you own a Netflix Subscription then you don’t have to think of a 2nd choice. If your relatives or friends have one & ready to share, then it is cool too. But when you have no options left other than watching it for FREE! then, You can consider watching it here:


Hereby we just refer to where the Series/movies are available to watch. But in no way we are concerned with promoting it nor do we recommend watching it that way. It is always best to own a subscription in the respective streaming platform. Not just because avoid piracy but also to have the best Visual and Audio experience.

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