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Watch MORBIUS Full HD for FREE!


What is the film Morbius about? Who is that Biochemist Michael Morbius? Why does he try to cure himself of a rare blood disease, but he inadvertently infects himself with a form of vampirism instead?. Let us figure it out.

One of the most compelling and conflicted characters in Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters comes to the big screen as Oscar® winner Jared Leto (2013, Best Supporting Actor, Dallas Buyers Club) transforms into the enigmatic antihero Michael Morbius. Dangerously ill with a rare blood disorder and determined to save others suffering the same fate, Dr. Morbius attempts a desperate gamble. While at first, it seems to be a radical success, the darkness inside him is unleashed. Will good override evil – or will Morbius succumb to his mysterious new urges?

 Forbes reports that Morbius earned just $10.2 million in its second weekend at the box office. As a result, a 74% drop from its debut weekend total of $39 million. Meanwhile, Morbius director Daniel Espinosa doesn’t seem fazed by the negative response to his work, saying he is “proud” of what he does.

Where to watch Morbius Officially?

For this movie you need not have any subscription. All that you need is a Google account. Yes!, You heard it right. Because this movie has been released in the Google Play store as well as Youtube Movies which makes it comfortable of Renting or Buying the movie in a simple procedure.

Google Play Store:

This requires a google account that has valid payment methods set. So that you can either rent the movie or buy it. As there is just a slight difference amount between renting and buying it I would prefer buying it because that would be permanently free and if at all you liked to watch it again in interest or for any particular reference, you would have it with you!.

Youtube Movies:

The process and procedure of renting and buying are the same as the google play store. As Youtube and Playstore belong to the same platform i.e Google. So here you don’t need any subscription. All that you will need is a Google account with valid payment methods set.

Watch MORBIUS for FREE in Full HD:

If you own a Google Account and can afford to pay & watch, then you don’t have to think of a 2nd choice. If your relatives or friends have one & ready to share their account, then it is cool too. But when you have no options left other than watching it for FREE! then, You can consider watching it here:


Hereby we just refer to where the Series/movies are available to watch. But in no way we are concerned with promoting it nor do we recommend watching it that way. It is always best to own a subscription to the respective streaming platform. Not just because avoid piracy but also to have the best Visual and Audio experience.

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