Festivals are going on and we all are enjoying shopping through online platforms. They offer various discounts on different brands that we usually purchase.

Amazon Prime Video, one of the popular apps also offers Diwali discounts on various products.

The best of this app is, that it not only provides a good shopping experience but its mini TV section also offers free web series to stream, without any subscription.

So, if you have not watched the series on Amazon mini TV to date, then start streaming the series now.

The list of its 5 free web series is available below.

Half love half arranged

Half Love half arranged, is a simple romantic comedy series based on Peerbhoy’s book of the same name.

The new captivating drama focuses on a 30-year-old Riya Tanwar who has planned a perfect professional and personal life.

But as we all know things do not work the same way as we think. The same happened to Riya, her life changed when her long relationship broke down and she decided to have an arranged marriage.

Meetups with the new person and families, continuously create chaos in Riya’s life.

Has she found her true match? All you know is when you watch the free web series on Amazon mini TV.

Who’s your Gynac?

Himali Shah directed a simple and cute doctor drama “Who’s your Gynac” which is good to watch.

The story of the 5 episode series focuses on a young new obstetrician-gynaecologist Dr. Vidushi Kothari.

After completion of studies, Vidushi joined the job and started working as an intern. Initially, she faces various problems and challenges.

The series shows how she balances her personal and professional life.

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Lucky guy

Three episodes short free web series “Lucky Guy” as its name shows is the story of a boy named Lucky who was born with good fortune.

All things are going well in his life but problems arise when his good fortune disappears.

Directed by Sumit Kumar, the fantasy series has various interesting and comedy scenes that bring a cute smile to your face.

The Adventures of Lleo

Amazon mini TV’s new free series “The Adventures of Lleo” is the spin-off of the most popular series “Permanent Roommates”.

The high-rated drama released on November 5, 2023, focuses on a rich guy named Lleo.

Lleo is living a luxurious life, having a good bank balance and all the things that he wants.

But a wrong or fraudulent phone call changed everything in his life. His bank balance becomes empty and he is compelled to live on the streets and face the realities of the world.

Physics wallah

Based on the true story of a famous brilliant teacher Alakh Pandey, Physics Wallah is a worth-watch free web series on Amazon Mini TV.

The story of the 6-episode series focuses on a young and brilliant teacher who brings a large change in the education system.

He creates an advanced parallel education platform that is easily affordable for every child who wants to learn something in life.

Although he fights the monopolistic, corporate giants and faces various internal battles. But he never gave up and brought revolution in education.

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