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In various news and science-fiction movies we see that in space, nobody can hear your voice or scream. The same phenomenon is applied when you are seven miles below the ocean’s surface or simply say underwater.

Underwater, a horror-thriller movie will take you to an unexpected ride of underwater with a lot of scary aliens and underwater problems. The first trailer of the series will show Kristen Stewart as the member of a group of scientists of the submarine crew.

The story-line of the new movie: Underwater

The trailer of this new movie starts with a radio message, “You are now 5000 miles from land and you are descending seven miles to the bottom of the ocean”.

It shows a crew of underwater researchers who send on a mission to know the secrets of the deep sea. But the mission does not go the way they what. The team will face earthquake devastates that destroy their underwater laboratory or submarine that they call home.

Along with that this interesting action movie also shows scientists who are attacked by sea monsters with a huge tentacle.

This action movie somehow resembles the story of “Deep Blue Sea” movie in which scientist researching sharks and killed by them one by one.

Underwater: Premiere Date

The film directed by William Eubank will be premiered on January 10, 2020, by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

Underwater: Cast

Underwater cast includes several big Hollywood stars; one of them is Twilight star cast name, Kristen Stewart.

Kristen Stewart Norah
Jessica Henwick Emily
Gunner Wright Lee
T.J. Miller  
John Gallagher Jr.  
Vincent Cassel  
Mamoudou Athie  

Underwater official trailer

The film produced by Cherin Entertainment for 20th-century fox will show Kristen Stewart in a new avatar. The trailer shows her in short hair and intense look.


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