There are various applications or websites such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Saavan, etc, where we watch comedy, emotional, action, adventure, funny videos and songs. But undoubtedly, the best option to watch videos and listening to music is YouTube. It is the best website or application that offers millions of videos and the latest song of every genre and language.

But the only problems we face while watching video or song on YouTube is advertisements and non-availability of background music and video. But resolve this issue; technicians have developed a different version of YouTube that is YouTube Vanced where you easily watch songs and videos without advertisement and in background.

What is YouTube Vanced Apk is?  

YouTube Vanced Apk is the new version of the YouTube App. With this application, you can easily watch music and videos with any advertisement.

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Its special feature makes it different from an original application that is you no need to stay on the website to watch videos or listening music, you just simply play videos and do the rest of your work by exiting the application. The video or music continuously plays in the background.

If there is any update or changes take place in the original YouTube application then YouTube Vanced Apk also updated.

Characteristics of YouTube Vanced Application

Ads Blocked: Watch videos without any pause or delay.

Background feature: Music or video will be played in the background while you are doing any other work.

Themes: Various themes such as black, white and dark are available to choose and apply free.

Default videos set easily: Once you select the option you no need to click on it again and again for play. It plays automatically.

Video Repeat mode: If you choose this option, then the video will play again and again automatically.

Steps to install YouTube Vanced Apk

If you are a non-rooted user and want to login to your Gmail account in this application then you must install MicroG Apk. It enables the sign-in option in YouTube Vanced Apk. So, here are steps to download YouTube Vanced Apk on your tablets or Smartphones.

Step1: Uninstall updates to the official YouTube Apk and also disable auto-update in play store.

Step2: Find the YouTube Vanced application, you want to download.

Pink 14.21.54   Dark 14.21.54

Blue 14.21.54    Black 14.21.54

Step3: Install the application normally. If it doesn’t get installed, enable unknown sources of security options in the settings of your phone.

Ste4: Now to log-in YouTube Vanced Apk, you must download MicroG Apk.

MicroG Vanced 0.2.4-105

MicroG Vanced 0.2.4-81

Step5: After downloading, install it to your device.

Step6: Now sign-in to your account and choose a theme by layout setting option.

Step7: Select backgrounds and download settings from settings option.