What is a Proxy?

Proxy Servers are servers which are used to obtain webpages by other computers. Their function is to act as an intermediary from a computer to a target server.

It does not require any form of communication between the computer and the server. The communication rather happens by the computer requesting a webpage or a file housed on the target server.

How does a Proxy work?

Acting as a gateway between the user’s device and the website you wish to access, the proxy hides the original IP address of the device.

Usually a device and its network send a request incase they want to access a website.

Whenever the request is sent, it is approved by HTTP’S and then the website can be accessed. The proxy server can process this request and ensure security by hiding the real information of the users.


Although, there are alot of proxy servers with some offering excellent speed and some lagging behind it is advised to use the server which has best performance and promising security.

Uses of Proxy Servers

Here are the reasons why you should use proxy servers-

1.Reduces the chances of Breach

The proxy server can relay requests from computers outside the network, as they tend to act as a buffer.

2.Promising Security

While the hackers could have access to your proxy, they would definitely have trouble reaching the server. Although you can’t fully keep the hackers out with a proxy IP, but using it will make you less vulnerable.

3.Handles the sensitive tasks unnamed

The ability to anonymise web traffic makes the proxy server highly commendable. A feature called Added Identity Protection is used by reporters or security officers to protect themselves. It can also protect researches or any other confidential company activities.

4.Fast Speed and Strong Bandwidth

The major reason of using proxy servers apart from high-level security is rapid speed and unlimited bandwidth. The servers compress traffic, catch files and web pages and block ads from websites. Such features help in the smooth and undisturbed experience on the net.

5.Tap over the Employees

One of the best features that the server offers is keeping a tap over the employees internet usage. No company wants its employees accessing unsecured or inappropriate websites.

The network administrators control the devices that have access to the network and also keep tap of which sites these devices can visit. Their is also an option of blocking undesirable content as well as sites which you don’t want your employees to access.

This helps to keep a controlled tap on the activities of your employees during the company time. Many security officers make use of this feature to monitor any potential illegal activities or security breaches.

6.Balancing Traffic

What can totally annoy a customer is the company’s website going down when they need it. Proxy servers avoid this by peering the data.

What is Peering?

Peering is a method which allows two networks to connect and exchange traffic directly. It is beneficial because it doesn’t require any third party to carry the traffic across the internet.

The proxy server uses a single web address which serves as an access point. Along with this, it also balances the requests to each server to avoid any overloads.

Therefore, the server performs these activities to ensure a seamless customer experience on the website.

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Last Update: July 2, 2020