Hotstar is one of the top platforms after Netflix where you can watch movies or shows to entertain yourself. From the latest Tv series to movies to animation its everything on a platform. Not only this it also covers a wide variety of categories like thriller, comedy, mystery, spicy love-stories apart from typical rom-com.

Like Netflix Hotstar also offers a set of packages you can choose from depending on your preferences. Below I will be explaining those packages.

But before explaining about those packages I will be telling about some basics.

What is a Hotstar subscription?

There is a general subscription (standard, premium) and then there is a VIP subscription. The variations in subscriptions only mean the variations in terms of the package offers.




The premium subscription is the first offering of subscription. It costs around Rs 299 per month or Rs 999 per year. This package comes with its own set of offerings like the latest American episodes or Hollywood blockbusters. It also includes live sports as well as some Hindi movie premieres.


The VIP subscription is the second offering of subscription. It costs around Rs 365 per year and offers some sports or Hindi entertainment channels.

What does the VIP subscription not offer?

With the VIP subscription offer or package, you will not get access to the following –

  • AMERICAN TV SHOWS FROM HBO, HOOQ, FOX LIFE, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC as well as various other English channels.

For whom is the VIP subscription suitable?

Among the packages that Hotstar offers VIP subscription is suitable for someone who is a cricket fan. This is because the plan offers live cricket matches that to during the upcoming season. This keeps you totally updated with the match scenario. Apart from that if you are also someone who likes watching TV shows and isn’t that big a fan of Hollywood movies or shows then this is the subscription package for you!

How to get the VIP subscription on Hotstar?

In order to get the VIP package, the following steps need to be performed-

  1. First of all, visit the official website,, or simply open it on your mobile device.
  2. Then login to your Hotstar account and select the VIP plan or package.
  3. After which a payment window will open. Select the payment mode and then make the payment.
  4. Once the payments are successful, just click on the subscription link.