Women have been suffering a lot in the past decades because they had no rights in almost everything.

They endured violence and being abused for a long time and being ignorant because they had no right to learn and work, but that’s not the case anymore!

In 21th century women now have more rights and special association were built for women to protect these rights.

Although we are really in 2019 but still there is a lot of women being abused.

Surprisingly one of the abused women is princess Latifa; the daughter of Dubai’s ruler.

She appeared in a video saying what happened to her.

The princess said that she was being treated as a prisoner in her home that made her try to escape in 2002.

Her escaping attempt did fall as she was caught at the borders as her father used his great influence to catch her.

The princess after being caught was put into prison.

She was beaten down by her father’s men as his order stated that she should be hit until she is killed.

Latifa disappeared for nine months and no one knows what happened to her and then she appeared in various photos but it looked like she was drugged.

What made us really think so as princess Latifa said also in her video that the same thing happened to her sister princess Rahaf and in order to bring her back she was drugged.

This is a clear violation for human rights.

She is a fully grown adult woman who has her own right to live her own life and not being captivated or beaten.

You want to know what is more shocking?!

The more shocking thing is that there is no comment about this incidence from any UAE embassy.

What is really happening here, where is the princess and why there is no one answering these questions?

There is no reply from the authorities on this incidence.

Aspects of what happened to the princess, known as Sheikha Latifa, remain shrouded in secrecy

Women human rights are now taking measures to investigate about what is going on and what happened to the princess.

We all are praying for the princess’s safety.

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Last Update: March 29, 2019