We live in a world where everyone is dragging itself to lead with a competitive world. Moving with this fast pace, we adopted some practices which give us relief for some time but after sometimes it will become our habit. At a small age, if parents teach them good values and habits in their children, they build a strong and healthy future for them.

Habit: Means

Habits in simple words are the small decision you make and the actions you do in every day. According to analyzers, habit results for about 40%of our behavior on any given day.

Which type of life we spent today is all is all belongs to the kinds of habits we adopted today. What shape are you in or out, how you wake or sleep, which things make you happy and sad, where you want to reach and where are you now is all the outcomes of our habits.

How habits form?

The 4 -part process starts with a psychological pattern called a “happy loop”.

1. Cue

2. Craving

3. Response

4. Reward

First, there is a cue. It triggers to initiate the behavior. Leads to your rewards like money and fame, love and friendship, power, and status to meets our satisfaction. It is the first indication that we are near to our reward, it naturally leads to craving.

Second, there is craving. The motivation or desire for anything leads to craving. For example, smoking a cigarette and drinking alcohol is you don’t want to wish as you know it is injurious to your health but you love the feeling a relief it gives.

The third is response-it is the actual habit you perform for craving as an action. It depends on the person’s ability that he is capable to do this work or not.

Last, the response delivers a reward; it is the end goal of every habit.

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Some Bad Habits

There are plenty of things that if it does not stop as childhood, it will grow out in their adulthood.

Biting nails

Our hands are one of the dirtiest parts of our body, have bacteria-ridden nails. Biting our nails starts from childhood as it becomes a habit as we grow. Eating nails is a sign of nervousness. However, researchers suggest that as much as 30 % of the population engages in this icky behavior.

Procrastinating at work

Procrastination is one of those habits we all can do generally. Putting plenty of work aside, and lean-to our comfortable sofa and start binge-watching any show procrastinated that I will do tomorrow is the feeling of freedom you enjoy that moment which results in piles off works after makes frustrated when you can’t meet deadlines.

Wasting lots of time online

The time you spent in front of the screen, to become entertained is the results you waste your productive time into the garbage. As it also affects your eyes as well as the mind, as we see children wear specs at a very young age. Adopting these habits in childhood may spoil their future. Research reveals that the average adult spends a shocking 10 hours in front of a screen every day.

Telling white lies

Lies we must speak in our life at once, but it turns into the habit as we grow older. Telling lies might save you for that period but when it becomes your habits it may dig a hole of your all lies. Feeling guilty and accepting mistakes for your mishaps do not make you small, even it makes you strong. Parents should give values to their children at a young age. Research suggests that telling small lies, and make us feel less guilty about the big ones, contributing to serious dishonesty over time.

Meals Skipping

We see children skip their breakfast in the rush of reaching school on time. They are not finished their lunch as lunch is not made of their choice. When a teen doesn’t eat every three to four hours, this impacts their blood sugar and their mood. Without fuel, i.e. food focus decreases, emotions become harder to regulate and the body gets tired.

Improper Sleep

Teens are not getting nearly enough sleep. Staying up to finish their homework or watching YouTube may seem like the norm for kids these days, but that may be a contributing factor in the higher rates of mental health disorders in young adults. The sleeping disorder may lead to insomnia and may affect their studies.

Some ways to get rid of bad habits and adopt a good one

Motivation is interwoven with the goals you make and the habits you plan to form, to achieve them. Most people have a mindset to achieve everything in a single day which ends up getting them nothing in the end. It takes 66 days to be exact to form a good habit.

Planned proper timetables for them, in which you add their study time, playtime, and screen time.

Look after their sleeping patterns, try to awake them early so that they do some exercise so that they can’t skip their breakfast and reach their school on time.

Make food with fusion means adds nutrients and taste of their choices, so that they can finishes their lunch on time.

Teach them the value of time so that they finished their assignment on time.

Focus on building a reward system into the process so you can take time to celebrate the successful completion of their goals. The reward you pick is up to you, but it’s important to celebrate those big moments along the way. Reward them as they finished their works, it could be fast food, increase the watch time or simply they something they love.

In some ways, you build good habits in them and make their life easier.

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Last Update: July 22, 2020