What is a Webinar? What are it’s features, uses, and benefits?

Webinars, Zoom calls, Google duos, Facetime, or Video conferencing are a few means of communication we humans have found as an alternative to run our business and connect with individuals during Covid-19. Many business firms and platforms have been constantly conducting webinars to connect with individuals and their audiences. This online platform offers a variety of benefits with its features and has a couple of uses that make it frequently usable.

Below, I will be discussing about the webinar and its uses along with the advantages it offers

 What is the Webinar

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The word ‘Webinar’ is an amalgamation of ‘web’ and ‘seminar’ meaning an event held on the internet. It is a one- to-many form of communication which if used effectively can be extremely helpful, powerful, and interactive. You can give a presentation, conduct a workshop or a seminar that can be transmitted over the web. 

The key feature of a webinar is that you as the presenter can interact and give information in real-time. 

The tools you need while attending it includes-


1.    Good internet access

2.    An audio set (Headphones, Microphone)

3.    A peaceful environment 


1.    Good internet access is vital

2.    A webcam

3.    A headset

4.    A webinar hosting system 

5.    A peaceful environment

The main features that a webinar offers are – 

1.    Video file sharing 

2.    Live chat 

3.    Screen Share 

4.    Recording

5.    Live capture to save presentations

6.    Calendar scheduling and invites 

7.    Change backgrounds to make it more interactive

Key tools to use for engagement on the webinar are- 

1.    Polls and surveys

2.    Questionnaires

3.     Live chats 

4.    Whiteboard

5.    Feedback forms

What are the uses of a webinar?

During a webinar a lot of information can be shared like documents or applications.

It is a very strong medium to share knowledge, ideas, and give updates to people at a much larger scale. It can be applied in a variety of spheres like education, marketing, online training, or weekly meetings. 


Webinars are an effective medium that can and is being used for teaching online.

Children can learn sitting in the comfort of their houses making it attainable and handy. 

Sitting at home they can educate themselves which makes it cost-effective and cuts the other expenses as well like traveling or accommodation.


Marketing is an area where the webinars are of utmost use because :-

-Firstly, you have the opportunity to showcase your product to an even wider audience by just sitting in the comfort of your home.

-Secondly, it helps you build new as well as long-term relationships with your customers.

-Thirdly, any doubts of the customers can be solved there and then by doing a questionnaire round or even polls.

-Feedbacks can be asked from the audience which can play an important role when you are building up on something.

What are the benefits of a webinar?

–    One of the key uses of a webinar is that you can record the session to listen again later

–    You can attend it sitting anywhere

–    It is cost-effective

–    Can be extremely interactive if the features are used smartly like polls or surveys 

–    Helps to reach a much wider and broader audience 

– A great opportunity for those who want to avoid public speaking