DISAPPOINTMENT is the word which we hear in our daily life. Now a days everybody is encountered with this word in their personal and professional life.
What is DISAPPOINTMENT ???? As per dictionary:- disappointment is the feeling of dissatisfaction that follows the failure of expectation or hopes to manifest.
Being a educated creature on earth we all know and understand what is DISAPPOINTMENT, but people never bothered enough to mean it.
In simple word disappointment is , when someone focuses on something and didn’t find desired result.
Dear friends we are here to focuses on our work not for its result. In Shrimad bhagwat GEETA it’s written ” KARM KRO PHAL KI ICCHA MAT KRO’ (concentrate on your work, don’t desire for its result).

Bhagwat geeta lesson

If you start expecting something form your work or from some person and you got less in return, definitely it will disappoint you. So never expect more that your capabilities.

For example you are going for a movie, you spend money for tickets, snacks in between intervals. Now suppose you didn’t find the movie as per your expectation. Now here comes two things , if you don’t like movie since beginning, you can left it than only, atleast you can save your time. After wasting your time and money you are more disappointed, but if you left it in between, definitely you will disappoint, rathar you thank to your decision.

So it’s all about your dicision.
You make wrong decision you will be more disappointed. But wrong decision are there in everyone’s life that doesn’t mean you are going disappointed every time. At last it’s your dicision… let it be whatever result …. be strong always.

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Last Update: March 30, 2019