Google chrome is a cross-platform, free web-browser developed by Google. It is used to access web pages on the internet.

Chrome is considered an alternative to browsers like Safari, Edge, or Firefox. The browser is available on both mobile and desktop making it is easily accessible. While the Mac users still depend on Safari but as far as the Android users are concerned it is widely used by them.

Key Features of Google Chrome

The easy accessibility, speed, and security make Chrome one of the most used and highly recommended browsers. Apart from this some of the key features that it has are –

1. Helps to create application shortcuts for your favorite websites

2. Synchronises bookmarks across all the browsers

3. Has it’s own Task Manager

The task manager is very useful as it shows how much memory and CPU usage is happening by each tab and plug-in. It can be opened by clicking shift-Esc within Chrome and to know more you can click the “Stats for nerds” link on the Task Manager. This will show you a full breakdown of the memory and CPU usage for each process within the browser.

4. One box for Everything

Chrome offers one search bar for everything be it addresses, history, or finding anything. This makes anything and everything accessible through one input box.

5. Upgraded Tabs

The tabs are considered to be one of the best innovations to web browsing and consistent efforts keep taking place to expand its functionality.

Chrome offers the option of dragging a tab into its window and then dragging it back to the main window. This is referred to as “Dynamic Tabs“.

Another interesting thing about tabs is that by default the “New Tab” features a page that will show you the thumbnails of your most visited web sites. It also shows a list of your recent bookmarks and a search tab that allows you to search your history.

6. Incognito Browsing

Chrome also offers an “Incognito mode” which helps users to go to sites. The difference here being that nothing from that session like history or cookies etc will be saved in Chrome. This mode can be extremely useful when viewing sensitive or delicate data through a Web browser.

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Last Update: July 8, 2020