Does your iPhone is acting weird or it creates the problem? Then your iPhone might be affected by iPhone touch disease. It sounds quite unnatural or something from the black mirror but it’s true for some iPhone owners.

To understand what iPhone touch disease is, how it affects your iPhone and how will you resolve this problem, read the information mentioned below.

What is iPhone touch disease?

The term touch disease used in “iPhone touch disease” refers to the problems or issues related to the touch screen of the phone. It is caused when the phone is dropped on the floor many times or the phone screen is undergoes certain stress.

Which iPhone is affected by iPhone touch disease?

As per the analysis, the iPhone model that affected by iPhone touch problem is the iPhone 6 Plus. Several iPhone users around the world complained about touchscreen issue but Apple does not confirm anything yet.

How will you detect this problem?

There are two ways through which you easily detect your iPhone is facing this problem or not.

If you tap on your iPhone screen and it isn’t recognized or the gestures like zooming and pinching is not working then it means your iPhone multi-touch screen is not working properly.

If a flickering gray bar appears on the top of the iPhone screen.

What is the source of this problem?

According to apple, iPhone touch disease is caused due to continuous dropping the phone on the rough surface and the device might be stressed by something. As per the company, the reason for this problem is user careless towards the phone.

But on the other hand, iFixit- the website that repairs and understand apple products- says that the problem is caused due to the faulty chips inside the device. The issue appears on iPhones which never dropped and on devices besides the iPhone 6 plus.

Therefore, it may be possible that both of them are correct. It might be a manufacturing issue due to loosening soldered chips or it might be a user flaw.

iPhone touch disease is not a disease

The disease is the problem caused by one infected person to another. But iPhone touch disease is not like that. It doesn’t create any problem with other iPhone or another phone. It just caused by dropping of phone (As per Apple Company).

iPhone touch disease is just a name given by someone to this problem.

Ways to fix iPhone touch disease

Users can’t fix this problem themselves. Although you might be good at soldering this problem requires skilled workers. So, instead of on experimenting with your iPhone by opening it try other ways such as

Apple service center: It is one of the easiest ways to repair your phone. While you will have to pay for the repair but it may cost less than the other iPhone repairs cost.

Third-party repair shop: If your city doesn’t have apple center then you might take your iPhone to other repair shop but make sure the worker who fixes your iPhone is an expert in micro soldering. Otherwise, nobody can fix your iPhone ever.

What is Apple repair program and what are the essentials of this program?

Apple is supporting its customers in solving iPhone repair disease through this problem and the essentials to qualify this problem are

  • Have an iPhone 6 Plus in working condition
  • It is being affected by the problems mentioned above
  • iPhone does not have broken or cracked screen

This program applies to only those iPhones 6 plus which are sold within the five years of starting the sale.

What is the cost of the Apple Repair Program?

The cost of Apple Repair Program is $149 which is quite cheaper than buying a new iPhone cost $500.

What to do if you’re facing iPhone touch problem?

If your iPhone is affected by iPhone touch problem that visits the apple website and makes an appointment to get your iPhone inspected.


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