What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a collective platform for unified communication and networking. It is famously referred to as the hub of teamwork in Microsoft 365. To make it easier to understand you can also say that it is like other unified communication platforms for example, Zoom.

Some Deeper Details

Release Date – 2017

Developed by – Microsoft Corporation

Available on – Windows, macOS, IOS and Linux

What can Microsoft Team be used for?

The unified collaborative platform allows you to do the following –

  • Helps to work together be it anywhere and anytime
  • Share information through a common space
  • Allows document collaboration
  • Also helps to do one to one chat or team chat

Along with it’s uses the collaborative software has a lot of exciting features that set it apart. Below I will be sharing a few of its key features.

  1. Conversation Channels
  2. Full integration with Office 365
  3. Direct access to Skype, OneDrive, Share Point or email
  4. Lesser Email
  5. External and Internal collaboration
  6. Easy organization of emails specific to a topic
  7. Rapid search of Information

Starting with the first feature-

1.Conversation Channels

Microsoft Teams allows you to dedicate your chat channels that are specific to a topic. This makes the messaging easier and more specific to a topic and helps to resolve issues more precisely. It also makes you focus on one specific topic at a time and you won’t have to dodge through different things simultaneously.

Alongside this, it makes the content search ease and you won’t have to scroll through a zillion messages. This reduces frustration and avoids time wastage.

2.Full integration with Office 365

Teams integrates flawlessly with Office 365. The everyday applications like Word, Excel, Powerpoint, One Note, Outlook, etc which are frequently used in workplaces is fully integrated into the Microsoft Teams.

Not only this with the 2019 latest improvement to Office 365 you can create teams within a group. Apart from creating teams within a group you can also use sensitivity labels or edit the group email alias.

3.Direct access to Skype, OneDrive, Share Point or Email

With Teams, you can work effectively as it allows access to Office 365 applications within one location. You can access files as well as documents in OneDrive or SharePoint. Not only this you can even conduct video conferences or calls via Teams directly. So everything you need is mostly available in a single location. This also includes your notes, messages or, documents. This is one feature that makes collaborating on Teams so much easier and quicker!

4.Lesser Email

One of the most useful features of Teams is reducing the unnecessary clutter in your inbox. This is because all the quicker questions get resolved over the Teams chat. This means you no longer need to wait forever for an email revert.

5.External and Internal collaboration

Microsoft Teams doesn’t compromise over security. You have the option to customize your teams to be available privately or publicly for the other users in your business that have been allocated an Office 365 account.

Microsoft Teams offers high-end security as well as top-notch compliance capabilities. It helps you enjoy advanced security controls that cover information barriers, data loss prevention, eDiscovery, and much more.

6.Easy organization of emails specific to a topic

Working in Microsoft Teams you can be more organized. The reason being Teams works effectively to organize your activities, meetings, strategies, etc all in one platform. It works towards optimizing oragnisation for a wider group of related individuals rather than individual team members.

How can you forward emails directly on Teams?

In order to forward mails to your channel which will help reduce time as well you have to do the following-

  1. First, click the ellipsis that is next to any channel name.

2.Then select the “Get Email Address” option.

3.Once you do so it will quickly generate an email address for that specific channel.

7.Rapid search of Information

You can rapidly search for information on Teams by using the “Search Function” option. This option makes finding relevant information from previous conversations or files easy.

Not only this you can even directly schedule meetings for your group where the members are automatically invited.

These specific content search capabilities help to search the information faster. Along with these some other capabilities that make searching information faster are –

OneDrive for Business

SharePoint Online


So, here are the uses and features of Microsoft Teams. Use the platform to enjoy its benefits and make your work highly organised and optimised.