The two most important day’s in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out way. :- Mark Twin.

As the Famous line written by mark twain all about destiny. Every man had his particular seasons to come into this world, everyone has dream, everyone has to accomplish that. Is all about how the thing come into your world how you dead with all.

As all ask, is everything in my life already distined. The ward desting accurs when you fail in doing something and leads you these when you thing i shoudn’t be here. I would have gine somewhere and so on, In that situation you has to thing about the sleeping and you walk up in morning that our destiny do to it. If means we wouldn’t have walk up and died as millions of people didn’t wake from these sleeping in the morning.

Your life is your karma, what comes around goes around.

What is thrown on us is not in our hands, what comes in our way is not n our hands but what we make out of it is definitly in our hands.

Whenever things do not happen the way you want to happen there is a temptation to thing and name  it as destiny because this is a way of dealing with failure. This is not destiny

What is thrown on us is not in our hands, what comes in our way is not in our hands but what we make out of it is 100% in our hands.

If we talk about water. Someone says water has destiny of ocean if scens through river and fall into the occan. If you see water also have it tendency like wise water also have it tendency. It has to find it’s suilable level. And you must heard that water makes it’s own says through cracks.

Stones don’t give ways to water. We amy hold water into dams and put some barriers to hold it but when we open mat it flows. That’s me tendency of water to flow from high place to lower. It’s in law of gravity. Then destiny doesn’t walks.

As thinking of many wat is to be happen it has to be that’s gods will.

Destiny is a journey from birth to death every creature on the earn warks on this cycle they bron grow up fecd reproduce and die.

What thing differs human being from other creature is this will to do new thing and notice things and control our mind.

Destiny contral by the ourselves that you want all me body function the way you want.

Take changes of yourself control youself let the things happens as you want them to happen by control yourself and by the you can get want you wished for.

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Last Update: March 21, 2019

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