Working from home I know you all must be synonymous with the app named Zoom. It has become one of the most frequently used platform for doing virtual meetings and discussions. Below, Learn about zoom and how it works.

What is Zoom?

A cloud-based video conferencing software used to virtually connect with co-workers, friends or family anywhere and any time. The platform makes telecommuting real by making you feel connected. Providing seamless connection has made it an essential tool for communication within any-size team structure.

How can you communicate on zoom?

To engage in communication zoom has the following options –

  • Firstly through Video
  • Secondly through Audio
  • Both 
  • Chat

Depending on your preference choose whichever options suit you the best.

Some key phrases associated with zoom are Zoom Meeting, Zoom Webinar or Zoom Room

Zoom Meeting – Refers to a video conferencing meeting hosted using zoom. The meeting is scheduled by the host. It can be joined using a Meeting Id and Password provided by the host. After joining you can participate with audio, video or even both which is preference based.

Zoom Webinar – The zoom webinar is a view-only platform where the attendees and the host can’t see each other. The webinar is run by a host sometimes having a co-host. It also includes some panellists present in some webinars.

They are mostly used for reaching out to a wider audience. For example when launching a new product or doing a live streaming session.

The attendees can engage through chats, questionnaires, or polls that can be conducted during the webinar.

Zoom Room – Is a software-based all in one room system. It helps converting any space into a video-room conferencing area with wireless screen-sharing and audio conferencing. 

In simpler words, it is a digital setup that allows you to use the following :-

  • Computer
  • Tablet
  • Camera
  • Microphone

So, it aims to create an environment with minimal distraction and trouble-free meeting. Synchronisation of the devices helps creating a virtual link with the people, while being remote.


Zoom is available for both desktops – Windows and Mac.

Joining through the phone is also easy as it is available for Android and IOS.

Although, you aren’t required to sign in to participate, creating your own account is beneficial if you want to schedule meetings.

In addition to the video and audio options, screen-sharing or doing in-house chatting is possible too. A recording feature is also available for you to see and listen to the meeting later.

The best browsers which I mentioned before as well for smooth operation are FireFox and Google Chrome.

Concluding it, I hope this would help you understand about zoom and how it works easily.

Last Update: May 25, 2020