What kind of horror do we like? The one which terrified out of wits and you jump like hell out of bed or hide under the covers when a ghost or monster suddenly appears on your screen. The second involves more on human beings’ psychological drama rather than jump scares. 

If you kinda like the second one, then Netflix dropped the new series The Haunting of Bly Manor which scares less and connects more with the heart. 

The producer of the Haunting of the Hill house Kathy Gilroy and Leah Fong comes with a new ghost story premiered on Netflix on October 9, 2020. 

The series is based on Henry James’s novella The Turn of the Screw written in 1898.

The Haunting of the Hill House is scarier and sets the bar high makes the audience stunned with the spine chilling moments. 

The Haunting of the Bly Manor is a completely different setting and characters, each episode comes with authentic and another piece of classic horror with an intriguing storyline. 

If you like to watch the classic horror and uncover the surprising elements and twists in each episode without jumping on the bed, then the series is perfect to binge-watch came just in time for Halloween. 

What is the plot of the series? 

The series scares less but wins the heart. The story is set in the big haunted mansion as we usually saw in horror movies and series. 

The story revolves around the gothic romance focuses on the young women Dani Clayton who wants the job at an English manor as and pair of the two young orphan children as an escape because something in her past haunts her but she didn’t get the job at first. 

But after some days the Henry hired her for a job after the tragic death of an old au pair. Arriving at the Bly estate, she met two orphan children Miles and Flora, and Hannah who is the manager of Bly Manors. 

When she moved into the mansion she uncovers the sinister things around him and also suspects that something is wrong with the children. The series delves into the past and present moments of the characters respectively. 

The series unfolds many twists and turns pulls off excellently with every character. The children at one moment speaking in the creepily adults tone and at the other moment they speaking in the friendly sweet tone. 

The maker of the series created excitement in each successive episode through the human connection with their backstories explains each character in detail so that the audience connects well and can’t miss out on the loop. 

The classic tale of horror with more human drama than the heart-pounding ghost scenes wraps the bittersweet gothic romance is all set streaming on Netflix. 

What are the characters of the series? 

The finest actors whose real haunting plays out on the faces of the actors rather than the ghost with a lot of makeup.

Victoria Pedretti plays the character of Dani Clayton who being hired by Henry as an au pair of the two young orphan children. Her performance is remarkable and appreciated in the series also features in the first series Haunting of Hill House series. 

Henry Thomas played as Henry Wingrave, the two children uncle who puts an advertisement for a pair or simply called caretaker for the wellbeing of their children. The actors also feature in the Haunting of Hill House and Doctor Sleep. 

Oliver Jackson-Cohen is Peter Quint who’s hiding a whole host of dark secrets behind his rakish smile. He is best known for his role as Adrian Griffin in the 2020 remake of The Invisible Man and also features in The Haunting of Hill House. 

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Benjamin Evan Ainsworth as Miles and Amelie Smith as Flora are the two children who excellently pull off their character. Miles is aggressive while Flora on the other hand is sweet and cheerful. But both children act like creepy in the whole series.

Amelia Eve as Jamie who plays Bly Manor’s groundskeeper did the bigger roles in the comedy Enterprise.

T’Nia Miller as Hannah Grose plays as Bly Manor’s manager and the series unfolds more about the character in later episodes. She also acted in the Sex Education and Doctor Who. 

Rahul Kohli is Kohli’s Owen who plays the Bly Manor’s chef. He features in the Supergirl or iZombie.

Tahirah Sharif plays the role of Rebecca, the former governess who used to look after Miles and Flora at Bly Manor. She features in the movie series A Christmas Prince. 

Jessel, Kate Siegel as Viola, Carla Gugino as The Narrato, Christie Burke, and Greg Sestero as present-day Flora and her groom.

Where to watch the haunting of bly manor series? 

Binge-watch the nine episodes of the series are available to stream on Netflix. You can choose subscription plans according to your choice. 

Currently, Netflix has four plans in the country. These plans start from Rs 199 and go up to Rs 799. Each plan offers a different number of screens on which content can view simultaneously.

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