Food plays an important role in Asian people’s life. Their festivals, celebrations, events are filled with tasty and delicious food that one never forgets. Although, some traditional dishes or recipes passed on by generations to generations is just as valuable as a family legacy.

The new HBO Anthology series “Food Lore” will also explore the emotional journey of several characters with a common link that is Asian food or cuisines. Covering various locations of Asia-Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, India, Japan, and Indonesia, it is an interesting story series that is available to stream on HBO.

If you are eager to know how Asian cuisine or food affects the life of people, you must watch and download this series and also check out its important details which are mentioned below.

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Food Lore: Storyline

Food Lore is an anthology series that show the emotional story of people attached to food and its related things. The eight different episodes of one hour cover a different story, which is explained below.

Episode 1: Island of Dreams

The first episode focuses on Nieves (Angeli Bayani). The story of the episode shows her struggle, her motherly role at the young age of 12. It also covers travel back to his childhood place from Manila after ten years for the annual fiesta.

Episode 2: He serves fish, she eats flower

The second episode is the story of a chef Woos belongs to Ho Chi Minh City. He charms a beautiful stewardess with its special dessert, but later on, he realized that they both are incompatible and have many differences.

Episode 3: Marie’s Secret Recipe

The story of the third episode shows a mysterious woman who builds a small food stall at the shore of a small, traditional Indonesia village. Most of the men like its food and beauty, much of their wives’ dismay.

Episode 4: A Plate of Moon

A Plate of Moon episode is filmed in beautiful city Singapore and shows the story of a woman who travels to Singapore to serve or work as a caretaker for an old and elderly man who is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

Episode 5: The Caterers

The fifth episode is an interesting episode that set in Thailand. It focuses on an arrogant American actor who comes to Thailand for a movie. But the city or the people teach him good and valuable lessons related to Thai culture and food.

Episode 6: Tamarind

Tamarind, the sixth episode of anthology web series Food Lore shows a French chef who is new in Singapore and made a tasty and delicious fusion dish with the help of a single father who is working at a food stall.

Episode 7: Life in a Box

Life in a Box is a top-rated episode of Food Lore Season One. It shows the journey of four train passengers whose paths collide when they revisit their old memories and search for new hopes in the future.

Episode 8: Stray Dogs

Last but the least, Stray Dogs episode of Food Lore shows the story of an entrepreneur Wilson Tin who is split between selling his genius chef’s recipe (secret sambal recipe) and being loyal to his expected new friend.

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Where to watch this new series?

The top-rated drama is a premiere in Japan on October 31, 2019, on Tokyo International Film Festival but is available in the United States on March 2, 2020.

The web series is premiere on the popular channel HBO on March 2, 2020. So, you can watch and download this series on HBO Now, HBO Go and other streaming platforms.

You can also watch this popular series on streaming platform Hulu and also get all the latest information on the best entertainment website name Hard2Know.

Food Lore: Trailer

The series is made by popular filmmakers such as Erik Matti (the Philippines), Phan Dang Di (Vietnam), Billy Christian (Indonesia), Don Aravind (Singapore), Pen-Ek Ratanaruang (Thailand), Takumi Saitoh (Japan), and Ho Yuhang (Malaysia).

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