Amazon Prime Video, a renowned name in the online streaming channels list came up with various movies and TV series in October 2023.

Its new 2023 movie “Totally Killer” thrills the audience’s heart with its horror-filled storyline and star cast.

Although the movie does not get much rating on IMDB still it’s gains love from various people.

Murder mystery along with time travel, the Amazon Prime Video new movie has numerous shocking events that unfold when you watch the movie.

The details of the October 2023 movie along with its watch online and download available in the blog below.

Totally Killer: Storyline

Directed by Nahnatchka Khan, the horror movie shows a sweet sixteen killer who returns on Halloween night after 35 years to find a new victim.

Jamie, a 17-year-old young girl meets the killer face to face, she accidentally travels back in time to 1987.

Unknown about the place and its culture, Jamie decides to pair up with her young mom to stop the would-be sweet sixteen killer, once and for all.

She gets back to the present time before she remains in the past forever.

The storyline is quite complicated but there are various good things to watch.

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Where to watch and download the new 2023 movie?

The new 2023 movie will premiere on October 6, 2023, on your favorite online streaming channel Amazon Prime Video to watch and download.

So, if you have an Amazon Prime Subscription then start streaming the series. If not, then purchase it at an easily affordable price.

Monthly subscription – ₹179

Quarterly subscription – ₹459

Yearly subscription – ₹1499

Totally Killer: Cast

The founder and CEO of the Horror franchise Blumhouse Productions, Jason Ferus Blum has produced this movie. He includes popular actors and actresses in his movie.

Kiernan Shipka as Jamie Hughes, a young girl who travels in 1987 to stop the sweet sixteen serial killer.

Olivia Holt as Pam Miller and Julie Bowen as Pam Hughes, the mother of Jamie.

Charlie Gillespie as teen Blake Hughes, Lochlyn Munro as adult Blake Hughes.

Kelcey Mawema as Amelia Creston, the friend of Jamie.

Nicholas Llyod as teen Chris Dubusage and Jonathan Potts as adult Chris Dubusage, the reporter who kills Jamie’s mother.

Nathaniel Appiah as teen Doug Summers and Conrad Coates as adult Doug Summers, the original serial killer.

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