Netflix’s new survival series Kaala Paani gaining lots of appreciation and love from the audience around the world.

The Indian thriller series covers the beauty and charm of Andaman and Nicobar Island. The Union territory located in the Bay of Bengal is famous among tourists for its beaches and natural beauty.

But what if the beautiful place becomes the dead place of various people? Sounds scary, but the new Netflix series depicts the same.

To know more about the series, check the details below.

How the series is unique from other survival series?

Natural beauty always gives eyes and soul, a different kind of peace that we never experience anywhere.

But if we hurt nature or overburden it then it dangerously takes revenge that no one expects.

The incident happened in Kedarnath, where heavy rain and the flow of a river took thousands of lives together, and the COVID-19 pandemic affected the lives of almost every person in the world.

Kaala Pani, the new survival series also depicts a natural pandemic that takes the life of several tourists and local people.

The series shows the spreading of life-threatening diseases among the people of the island.

Kaala Paani: Introduction

Its story starts with the increment of tourists on the island due to the massive festival going to take place there.

Suddenly, Dr. Soudamini Singh came to know that 11 patients were admitted to the hospital of Port Blair suffering from a mysterious disease.

Dr. Soudamini investigated the problem and worried about its spreading among the people. She informed the high authorities and decided to aware the people about the threat.

Lt. Gen. Qadari with his team quickly started to aware people about the dangerous problem but before that, the disease spread and covered the tourists as well as local people.

On one side, the doctor and her team try to find the cure as soon as possible and other side Qadari and his team try to control the people.

When the pandemic is linked with the indigenous tribe living on the island, a new angle is introduced in the story which makes it more mysterious.

Is Soudamini and her team able to save the people? Are indigenous tribes linked with disease or it’s just a rumor? How do Qadri and his team control the crowd? All such kinds of questions are answered when you stream the new Netflix series.

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Kaala Paani: Episodes

The eye-catching storyline of the series is a complete pack of seven worth watch episodes that are 58 to 70 minutes running time.

E1. Nature Wins

E2. The Switch

E3. Garjen

E4. Eraba Reta Mono

E5. The Immortal Being

E6. Forefathers

E7. Darwin’s Bay

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Where to watch and download the 2023 new survival series?

Each episode of the thriller series was released on October 18, 2023, on your favorite streaming channel Netflix to watch and download.

Its standard plan with ads costs $6.99 per month and without ads costs $15.49 per month and the premium plan costs $19.99 per month.

Kaala Paani: Cast

TVF writers Biswapati Sarkar, Nimisha Misra, Sandeep Saket, and Amit Golani are the writers of the new October drama.

Under the guidance of director Sameer Saxena, various famous personality gives their best shots and make the series an eye-catching drama.

Mona Singh as Soudamini Singh, the doctor and investigator of the life-threatening disease.

Ashutosh Gowariker as Zibran Qadri, a lieutenant general in the Andaman and Nicobar Police Department.

Arushi Sharma as Jyotsana Dey, a beautiful girl playing the lead role in the series.

Amey Wagh as Ketan Kamat, ACP in the Andaman and Nicobar Police Department.

Chinmay Mandlekar as Dr. Shashi Mahajan, team member of Doctor Soudamini Singh.

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