A good news for all sex education series lovers. The new season or we can say the final season is released on your favorite OTT platform “Netflix” on September 21st.

The most awaited series is back with a more crisp storyline and awesome characters. The trailer shows a new school, new people, a new relationship, a new sex clinic, and a happening environment that once again makes it worth watching. 

End with the close of Moordale school, season 4 begins with the opening of the new college. It shows Otis and Maeve long distance relationship and many other things which you come to know when you watch the top-rated series.

The plot and streaming details related to the popular series are available below in the blog. Check it now.

Sex Education Season 4: Storyline

Sex Education Season 4 focuses on the student of Moordale school who joins a new Cavendish college and starts a new journey of life.

Otis’s girlfriend Maeve has joined another college in the United States and both try to maintain their long-distance relationship.

On the other hand, a new sex therapist entered the college and brought some new problems for Otis.

What happened to Otis and Maeve’s relationship? How is the chemistry between old and new students developed? All questions are answered when you watch eight episodes of the series back to back.

When you watch the Sex Education Season 4?

Sex Education Season 4 will be released worldwide on 21 September 2023, Thursday on the popular OTT platform Netflix.

You can watch and download the series according to your time zone. Like in India, the series is available at 12:30 PM, in the United States (PT) at 12:00 AM, in the United States (ET) at 3:00 AM, in the United Kingdom at 8:00 AM, in Central Europe at 9:00 AM, in Eastern Europe at 10:00 AM, in Australia at 3:00 PM, in Japan at 4:00 PM, in Singapore at 3:00 PM and in New Zealand at 7:00 PM.

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Sex Education Season 4: Cast

The closure of Moordale school has closed the journey of various characters such as Simone Ashley (Olivia), Patrician Allison (Ola), and Tanya Reynolds (Lily).

The new characters that entering the series and going to be a part of it are Alexandra James as Aisha, Thaddea Graham as the new Cavendish sex therapist.

Anthony Lexa as Abbi, Lisa McGrillis as Joanna, Felix Mufti and Roman, and Dan Levy as Thomas Malloy and others.

Characters that reprising their roles are Asa Butterfield as Otis Milburn, Ncuti Gatwa as Eric Effoing, and Emma Mackey as Maeve Wiley. Aimee Lou Wood as Aimee Gibbs, Connor Swindells as Adam Groff, and others.

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