The most-waited series Abbott Elementary’s new season is finally out to stream. The series won four Primetime Emmy awards in its first two seasons and back again to win more.

ABC’s workplace comedy is about the teachers working in an underfunded elementary school of the same name as the series.

The series in its first two seasons shows the lives of the teachers working in the Black Philadelphia public school.

The conditions of the school are so harsh and unbearable that teachers working there leave the school after the second year.

Quinta Brunson’s mockumentary shows the reality of the underfunded and mismanaged school. The series covers each aspect of the school so well that people wait for its new season for a long time.

If you are also a fan of this interesting workplace comedy then want to watch its new season then check the streaming details of the series mentioned below.

Abbott Elementary Season 3: Plot

Abbott Elementary School conditions are managed by the coming of an optimistic second-grade teacher Janine and her fellow teachers.

Janine is a determined and hard-working teacher who believes in helping her students in any condition.

She along with history teacher Jacob, kindergarten teacher Barbara, and second-grade teacher Melissa tries to work for the student’s and school’s benefit, instead of the fact that the school district lacks support for its teachers.

A new tone-deaf, unqualified school principal Ava Coleman joined them in the journey of the school.

Season 3 of the series has various twists and turns which will take the storyline to the next level.

Starting with the second-grade teacher Janine who after completing the three years of her career worked for the school without any support from the school district. Now joining the job with the district with a positive mindset that she can bring a good change.

Like this several new changes are coming in the series episode by episode, which you love to watch and download.

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Where to watch the new season of the popular series?

Abbott Elementary Season 3 is set to be Premiere on February 7, 2024, Wednesday at 9:00 PM ET.

The first two episodes of the series will be coming back to back on ABC and the rest of the episodes like its previous seasons will be coming on every Wednesday to entertain you.

The release time of the series differs as per the region. In the US West, it will be available on February 7, 9:00 PM PT, and in the US East, it will be shown on February 7, 12:00 PM ET, in Australia on February 8, 4:00 AM AEDT, in Japan February 8, 2:00 AM JST, in India February 7, 10:30 PM IST and others.

If you have a cable or streaming service provider then you can watch the new season of the series on

You also have an option to stream the popular series on your favorite streaming channel Hulu from February 8, 2024.

If you have a Hulu subscription then start streaming the mockumentary now. Otherwise, purchase its subscription which costs $7.99 per month for the basic plan and $69.99 per year. The first week on Hulu is free.

How many episodes does the new season have?

Abbott Elementary season one contains a total of 13 episodes which were released in December 2021. The second season released in September 2022 completes its journey in 22 episodes.

The third season of the series contains a total of 14 episodes that start from February 7, 2024.

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Who is the cast of Abbott Elementary?

Quinta Brunson creates the masterpiece workplace comedy series. Her huge cast of hilarious and memorable characters that make the series a super hit comedy-drama is mentioned below.

Quinta Brunson as Janine Teagues, a second-grade teacher who works for the betterment of the students. Now become the Philadelphia School District in the new season.

Taylor James Williams as Gregory Eddie, a substitute who later became a full-time teacher and had a crush on Janine.

Janelle James as Ava Coleman, a tone-deaf unqualified school principal who always bullies Janine.

Lisa Ann Walter as Melissa, Chris Perfetti as Jacob Hill, Sheryl Lee Ralph as Barbara Howard, and others are also part of the American mockumentary.

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