Interrogation as its name shows is a way of asking a question to someone and wanting an answer in return. When this theory is applied in the police station where police ask the questions and criminals have to reply then it is called Interrogation Raw.

Interrogation Raw is a criminal-based drama where different criminals related to various cases are interrogated to find the truth behind the crime. It is a story of serious crime by the mouth of criminals.

The top-rated web series highlights the difficult process of criminal interrogation and its after-effects on the criminal case. It covers interrogation rooms, courtrooms, investigators, criminals, and various other things.

So, if you are a criminal drama lover and liked Interrogation Raw Season 1 then its new season is out for you.

Filled with more spicy stories, and intense interrogators, the series new season has various good things to watch and download. Its streaming details mentioned below along with other interesting news.

Interrogation Raw Season 2: Detailed Storyline

Any criminal case winning or losing depends upon the type of interrogation done with the criminal.

If the interrogation goes in the victim’s favor, then the criminal gets punishment but if the interrogation goes against the victim, then the criminal is free from every charge and gets a license to commit mistakes or we can say crime again and again.

Interrogation Raw Season 2 is based on true crime events that place in reality and shows the different twists and turns of the most important interrogations ever done.

It tells the story of various murders and crimes through the interrogation of the accused and focuses on all the evidence related to the cases.

They also interview the key people connected to the case and gather all relevant footage, newspaper cuttings, and other things.

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Interrogation Raw Season 2: Episodes

The series season one consists of a total of 13 episodes and season 2 is out with 4 episodes to date.

1: A Shot in the Dark

2: The Missing Priest

3: Murder in Myrtle Beach

4: A Christmas Nightmare

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When and where to watch Interrogation Raw Season 2?

Interrogation Raw Season 2 premiered on 21st September 2023, Thursday at 9/8c on your favorite channel A&E.

The United Kingdom audience can stream the series on AppleTV. The Indian audience can watch it on Amazon Prime Video.

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Interrogation Raw Season 2: Cast

The cast of the popular series includes various famous names such as Ned Nolen, the narrator self, and Daniel Harnett as the detective.

Derick Chaney as Dallas Homicide, Jeff Brown as Sergeant, and Colin Davis as FBI Special Agent.

Jim Wardensky as Kalispell Police Department Detective and Reta Mays as Murder Suspect.

Spencer Spielman as the confessed killer, Tammy Soley as Murder Victim’s mother, and various others.

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