In September 2023 various original series and movies were released on different OTT platforms that are appreciated by the audience. The Escape of the Seven: War for Survival is one of them. Released on September 15, 2023, the series has gained lots of love around the world. 

Different from the normal drama, it is the story of seven people who belong to different backgrounds but are involved in the heated murder case of a missing girl. Each person has various layers of mystery that unfolds one by one as the series moves ahead. 

Sounds interesting! If you also feel so, then check out the thriller series’ detailed introduction and watch and download the details mentioned below. 

The Escape of the Seven: War for Survival: Detailed Introduction

As we mentioned above, the 2023 original series contains seven different personality persons. 

Yang Jin-Mo is a gentle person and CEO of Cherry Entertainment. He has an aggressive and greedy nature and can do anything to earn profit. 

Geum La-Hui, the CEO of the drama production company. She is an aggressive lady who values money and success most in her life. She tried all her ways to achieve success in life. 

Matthew Lee is the owner of a mobile company in South Korea. He has a mysterious kind of personality and is known by few people around him. 

Min Do-Hyuk is a gangster and trustworthy person. Due to his trusting nature, he faces a series of betrayals in his life. 

Go Myung-Ji, is an art teacher who creates lies to protect her precious thing and spread weird rumor to hide her weak point. 

Cha Ji-Ran is an OB-GYN doctor who lives with a wealthy man named Bang Chil-Sung. Bang is older than Cha, but she loves his money. 

Han Mo-Ne is a beautiful girl who wants to become an idol. She belongs to a rich family but her biggest problem is she consistently turns out lies.

All seven are apart from each other but together they trapped in a murder case. What happened with seven different personalities? What happened to the girl who was murdered? All you come to know when you watch the 15-episode series. 

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Where to watch and download The Escape of the Seven: War for Survival? 

The Escape of the Seven: War for Survival is available on the SBS TV network from September 15, 2023.

Each new episode of the series, released on the network on Friday and Saturday at 10:00 PM.

You can also watch the original series on Viki Rokuten

The Escape of the Seven: War for Survival: Cast

The Escape of the Seven: War for Survival cast includes various famous and new personalities such as Lee Yu-bi, Hwang Jung-eum, Um Ki-Joon, Lee Joon, Yoon Jong-hoon, Shin Eun-Kyung and others. 

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