We all have seen various superhero movies in our life such as Spiderman, Batman, Avengers, The boys and many more. Now it’s time to watch interesting and new superhero series of 2019 that is Doom Patrol.

This American action-mystery television series is based on the DC Comics superhero team of the same name. The story of this amazing Science-fiction and comedy-drama starts filming in Georgia in late August 2018.

Although, the new series of Doom Patrol is renewed and its Season 2 is set to premiere in 2020 on DC universe and HBO Max.

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1. Doom Patrol Season 1

Doom Patrol is a story of superheroes named Robotman, Negative Man, Elastic-Girl, Crazy Jane and a mad scientist named Dr. Niles Caulder.

As per the episodes of Doom Patrol, each member of its team undergoes horrible accidents to gain superhero abilities. These super-powered freaks called for a mission by Cyborg, when their Chief (Dr. Niles Caulder) is kidnapped by a villain named Mr. Nobody. They also fight to save their mentor and the world from the mysterious powers.

2. Doom Patrol official Trailer

DC: Doom Patrol official Trailer

3. Doom Patrol Episode lists

Doom Patrol Season one consists of a total of 15 episodes showing superheroes saving the world or the mentor.

Episode 1: Pilot

This ever-blasting top-rated episode shows how mad scientist through his experiments transforms three normal human beings named Heinrich Von, Clifford Steele, Rita Farr, and Larry Trainor into superheroes.

Episode 2: Donkey Patrol

In this episode, Chief (Dr. Niles Caulder) is kidnapped and the only clue they found about him is an average donkey.

Episode 3: Puppet Patrol

The team of superheroes sent out for Paraguay where they meet the Nazi doctor who created the monster name Mr. Nobody. They also figure out the connection between the chief and the two villains.

Episode 4: Cult Patrol

Detective Willoughby Kipling comes to Doom Manor asking them to save the end of the world by stopping the nihilistic cult.

Epiosde 5: Paw Patrol

Mr. Nobody releases the doctor and decides to work together to stop the Decreator’s prophecy.

Episode 6: Doom Patrol Patrol

In this episode, Jane, Rita, and Larry go in search to find out the mysterious team of superheroes called Doom Patrol.

Episode 7: Therapy Patrol

Every member of the team struggles with own personal demons or engages in some self-led group therapy.

Episode 8: Danny Patrol

Larry and Vic, a sentient, genderqueer, teleporting street named Danny, is haunted by the secret Bureau of Normalcy.

Episode 9: Jane Patrol

Jane is confronted by many personas and dark traumas from the past and also other personalities in the Underground.

Episode 10: Hair Patrol

To find Niles, The Bureau of Normalcy activates a man named Beard Hunter. In this episode, Victor and Rita come across that dangerous man.

Episode 11: Frances Patrol

In this episode every person is engaged in his world that is Larry visit her long lost love, Cliff and Rita travel to Gator Country to again develop a connection with his daughter and Victor is worried about his operating system.

Episode 12: Cyborg Patrol

Silas looking for missing Victor realizes that he is being held at the Ant Farm. So, he made a plan with other team members to rescue Victor.

Episode 13: Flex Patrol

Directed by T.J. Scott, the episode shows the team who return home with Flex Mentallo. He is suffering from memory loss.

Episode 14: Penultimate Patrol

In this episode, a final face-off is held between the superhero group and Mr. Nobody to save the Chief. On the other hand, Victor learns a hard truth.

Episode 15: Ezekiel Patrol

In this final episode, when the team is coping up with the creation truth, Mr. Nobody prepares his final act of vengeance.

4. Doom Patrol Premiere Date and IMDB Rating

This action-adventure of 2019 is premiered on DC Universe on February 15, 2019. It is rated 8.1 by IMDB.

5. Doom Patrol Cast

Timothy Dalton Dr. Niles Caulder The mad scientist or chief of Doom Patrol
Alan Tudyk Eric Morden Mr. Nobody or the Villian of the series
Jovian Wade Victor Stone/ Cyborg A half man or half machine superhero
Brendan Fraser & Riley Cliff Steele Robotman, a member of Doom Patrol team
Matt Bomer and Matthew Zuk Larry Trainor Negative man, a member of Doom Patrol team
April Bowlby Rita Farr/ Elastic Girl A member of Doom Patrol team
Diane Guerrero Kay Challis/ Jane A member of Doom Patrol team
Phil Morris Silas Stone A member of Doom Patrol team

6. Doom Patrol Audience Review:


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