Do you love watching Kdrama? From Viki Rakuten to Kocowa ,here the top apps where to watch kdrama for free right now in 2023!

where to watch kdrama for free right now

K-pop and Korean dramas are two of the most popular things globally today. Although Korean dramas have been popular for quite some time now, it has skyrocketed in popularity especially in the past two to three years. From sweet romance stories like ” Business Proposal” to heart rending tragedies like “The Hymn of Death”, Korean dramas cover a wide genre without failing to captivate its viewers. With the growing popularity of Kdrama worldwide, more and more people continue to be drawn to its charm. Are you new to the world of kdramas and wondering where to watch kdrama for free? Read on to uncover popular apps where you can watch Korean dramas for free right now in 2023:

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Viki- One of the top apps for watching kdrama for free

Viki Rakuten has established itself as one of the most popular streaming platforms for watching Asian shows including Korean dramas over the past years. It is one of the top apps where you can binge watch hundres of new and old Kdrama for free! Viki Rakuten is known for its strong community engagement, and it offers a vast library of K-Dramas along with subtitles from different genres. While Viki does have a premium subscription plan that allows viewers to enjoy the show without ads and in high resolution, the majority of its content is accessible for free making it the best pick for those who want to enjoy watch kdramas for free.

Download the app here

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Kocawa- One of the best apps where you can watch Korean dramas without any subscription!

If you are wondering where to watch kdrama for free in 2023, then Kocowa is what you need. Kocowa is a popular free Kdrama streaming platform where you can watch several shows without spending a single penny. Kocowa is a joint venture between major South Korean broadcasting stations, so it also one of the most reliable source for binge watching the latest and most popular Korean dramas. While Kocowa also offers a subscription option, you can watch a significant portion of its content for free!

Download the app here

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Viu- A popular app for watching your favorite kdramas for free

Viu is another popular streaming apps where you can watch many old and new kdrama for free! You can find a vast collection of K-Dramas along with subtitles on Viu. The platform also frequently updates its content, which ensures that viewers have access to the latest and hottest K-Dramas. Viu also offers a premium plan with additional features, however you can binge watch a considerable portion of its K-Drama library free of cost!

Download the app here

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iQIYI- One of the best app where you can watch Korean series for free

iQIYI is one of the most popular app that you should download on your mobile phone right away if you are looking for a platform to watch Kdrama for free right now! This popular streaming platform offers a diverse range of Asian content, and it has a significant number of Korean series along with subtitles that you can watch without paying any subscription fees. While the platform also has a subscription plan, it often provides free access to quite a number of K-Dramas, making it a good pick for watching Kdramas for free.

Download the app here

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Wondering where to watch kdrama for free in 2023? If yes, you should download WeTV on your device right away! WeTv is a popular streaming platform that provides free access to a wide range of not only Korean dramas but also several other Asian content. This popular streaming app offers a vast collection of popular and classic K-Dramas along with subtitles. Additionally, viewers can also interact with other fans of the show through comments and discussions about each episode on this app. So if you love discussing your favorite shows with others then WeTv is a great platform for you to watch and talk about kdrama. Although WeTv also has a premium model, you can binge watch several new and old Korean shows on the platform which makes it a great pick for those who do not want to pay for a subscription fee to watch Kdramas.

Download the app here

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One of the most easy way of watching Korean dramas for free is watching it on YouTube. YouTube has emerged as a surprisingly rich source for K-Dramas. There are just so many Korean dramas available on YouTube ( both dubbed and subbed) that you can watch without paying any extra cost. There are many channels that upload episodes of various Korean shows with subtitles. However, you must be cautious while watching Kdrama on YouTube, as some channels may not have the rights to distribute the content, leading to potential copyright issues. You can look up for well-known channels with a significant number of subscribers and positive reviews and can have a great viewing experience with no issues.

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Last Update: July 26, 2023