Are you a heist series lover then the good news is for you. Spend your weekend by streaming the world’s biggest Diamond theft, which takes place in Antwerp Diamond Centre.

Inspired by the true incident Antwerp Diamond heist takes place in 2003, the new series has various mysteries that are revealed when the episodes move ahead.

Director Gianluca Maria Tavarelli with his team present the story so awesome that you reveal the real-life incident. He shows the heist with some comedic twist.

To know about the new heist series “Everybody Loves Diamonds”, check the details below, along with watching online and downloading details.

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What’s new the action series brings for you?

Everybody Loves Diamond’s story focuses on a small-time Italian thieve team, headed by Leonardo Notarbartolo.

Leonardo with his team decided to conduct the world’s largest Diamond theft in Antwerp Diamond Centre.

The place comes under high security region and no one is allowed to go there without permission.

Leonardo makes a top-level mastermind plan to deceive the high-level security and with his team steal the precious stones worth millions of dollars.

They have done the biggest robbery in the world from a high-security place.

How did they steal the diamonds? How do they break the best security? All you know when you watch the new heist series.

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Everybody Loves Diamonds: Episodes

The 2023 comedy series season one comprises a total of 8 episodes.

E1: A near-perfect plan

E2: The Trojan horse

E3: The Dark Side of the Diamond

E4: Thief of Hearts

E5: The appointment

E6: Couples therapy

E7: The long night

E8: Everybody loves Diamond

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Where to watch and download the new heist series?

Everybody Loves Diamonds released on Friday, October 13, 2023, on your favorite streaming channel Amazon Prime Video to watch and download.

So, if you have an Amazon Prime Subscription then start streaming the series. If not, then purchase it at an easily affordable price.

  • Monthly subscription – ₹179
  • Quarterly subscription – ₹459
  • Yearly subscription – ₹1499

Everybody Loves Diamonds: Cast

The Italian series star cast includes various popular actors and actresses.

Kim Rossi Stuart as Leonardo Notarba, a modest jeweler and the biggest thief in the world.

Anna Foglietta as Anna, a beautiful lady and Leonardo’s wife.

Rupert Everett as John Lovegrove, a shady lawyer.

Leonardo Lidi as Alberto, the hacker of the heist team.

Carlotta Antonelli as Sandra, a lock-picking expert.

Gianmarco Tognazzi as Ghigo, the alarm expert of the heist team and Leonardo’s old friend.

Johan Heldenbergh as Albert Mertens, the inspector of the Diamond police.

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