The Summer I Turned Pretty is finally out now and its already all over the internet! Read on to find out where you can watch the trending series for free.

Where to watch The Summer I Turned Pretty for free?

The Summer I Turned Pretty is back with its second season this summer and fans all over the world are loving it! First released on June 17, 2022, this coming of age drama garnered a lot of attention owing to its cast of young amazing talents and a lovely teen romance plot that will surely hold your attention. After the successful release of its Season 1 last year, the teen drama series finally released on July 14 and viewers all over the world are falling in love with Belly and the Fisher brothers. Have you already caught up with the new episodes of The Summer I Turned Pretty? If not, read to uncover all about the trending teen romance series and to find out where to watch The Summer I Turned Pretty for free!

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What is The Summer I Turned Pretty all about?

The Summer I turned Pretty is one of the hottest shows right now and there’s no reason why it wouldn’t be trending. Based on the best selling novel trilogy of the same name by Jenny Han which captivated book geeks all over the world, The Summer I turned Pretty is teen romance drama series that you should watch right away!

The plot of the season 2 of the trending teen romance show will pick up a year later from the events of its first season. The Second Season of the coming of age series will be based on Jenny Han’s second book from the best selling trilogy, It’s Not Summer Without You. The storyline of the show will be loosely based on the second book and you can expect to see some slight changes in the show.

This season, the summer will have a different one because of the events of the school year. Belly, who used to be super excited about visiting the Cousins Beach feels that this Summer wouldn’t be the same. With the Fishers brother vying for her affections and the return of Susannah’s illness, Belly is no longer sure if the summer at Cousins Beach would be the same again. Portraying the themes of heartbreak and love triangle, the second season of The Summer I Turned Pretty will surely keep you hooked up till the end!

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How many seasons are there in Jenny Han’s teen drama series?

Jenny Han’s popular creation, The Summer I Turned Pretty has been the talk of the internet lately and if you haven’t watched the show yet, you should go watch it right away! The coming of age romance drama has a total of two seasons. The first season of the trending series was released last year in the month of June and it has a total of 7 episodes ranging from 39 minutes to 52 minutes long.

The second season of the show released recently on July 14 and as of now, four of its episodes are already out. This season will have a total of 8 episodes whose duration will range between 40 minutes to an hour long and its last episode will air on August 18, 2023.

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Who is in the cast of The Summer I Turned Pretty?

Now that the second season of The Summer I Turned Pretty is out, are you wondering whether all your favourite characters from the season one have returned or not? Fret not, because you will be seeing all your favorite casts yet again and some new faces that might become your favorite after this season.
Lola Tung, the star of the show is returning as Belly in the second season of the teen romance drama. The Fisher bros are also back again to charm you ( or to charm Belly) in the Season 2 of The Summer I Turned Pretty. Christopher Briney will be reprise the role of Conrad and Gavin Casalegno will also be back as Jeremiah.

The other cast members of the show include Sean Kaufman as Steven, Jackie Chung as Laurel, Rachel Blanchard as Susannah, Rain Spencer as Taylor, David Iacono as Cam, Kyra Sedgwick as Julia. Some of the new faces you will see in the show are Elsie Fisher and Kyra Sedgwick.

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Where can watch The Summer I Turned Pretty for free?

The Summer I Turned Pretty was created by Jenny Han for Amazon Prime and so the coming of age drama show is exclusively available on Amazon Prime Video. If you are wondering where you can watch the trending teen romance series for free then we’ve got you!

You can watch both the seasons of the trending show, The Summer I Turned Pretty for free on Amazon Prime Video even if you do not have a subscription for it! The popular streaming platform, offers a 30 day free trial for everyone, so you can simply sign up for the free trial and watch both the seasons for free!!

You can sign up for the free 30 day trial on Amazon Prime Video here and enjoy binge watching the teen romance series that everyone has been talking about!

Watch Season 1 for free

Watch Season 2 for free

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