Sheldon Cooper is one of the most beloved characters of all times. Read on to find where to watch Young Sheldon for free now!

where to watch Young Sheldon for free now?

Starring Jim Parsons, The Big Bang Theory is one of the top American sit coms of all time that received a lot of love from viewers all over the world. The Big Bang Theory centered around the story of a very talented but socially awkward Physicist, Sheldon Cooper and his weird friends. Young Sheldon is a prequel to the popular sitcom and it portrays the story of child prodigy, Sheldon. Are you a fan of The Big Bang Theory? If yes, Young Sheldon is a show you should start binge watching right away! Read on to uncover all about the plot, cast, and where to watch Young Sheldon for free online right now!

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What is the plot of Young Sheldon?

Young Sheldon is a very popular American TV show which is centered around the story of Sheldon Cooper’s childhood. This American sitcom is set in East Texas in the late 1980s. This globally hit sitcom follows Sheldon, a young boy who has an IQ that surpasses most, as he navigates high school and his family. Being a young prodigy, Sheldon faces several challenges fitting in socially and dealing with his family’s dynamics. Sheldon has two very opposite parents. Sheldon’s mother, Mary supports his intellect, and dotes excessively on him, on the other hand, his father, George tries to balance his uniqueness with normal upbringing. Adding to the family’s dynamics are his older brother, George Jr. who does not do well in academics and his fraternal twin sister Missy who is in charge of teasing Sheldon. The family also has a “fun loving” grandmother, Meemaw, who enjoys mocking those around her.
Young Sheldon humorously explores the journey of Sheldon from his early friendships, academic achievements, and his gradual understanding of the world, thus laying the foundation for his quirky adult persona as seen in The Big Bang Theory. With an amazing storyline that will make you laugh out loud and reach out for the tissue at times, Young Sheldon is a show you will surely enjoy watching! So read on to find out where to watch Young Sheldon for free right now!

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How many seasons are there in Young Sheldon?

There are a total of 6 seasons of Young Sheldon right now. The first season of the popular sitcom released in September 2017, and its 6th season concluded recently in May 2023. Spanning over six seasons, there are a total of 113 episodes in the prequel to The Big Bang Theory with the duration of each episode ranging between 18 minutes to 21 minutes.

The season 7 of Young Sheldon is also already in development and it was expected to release during the fall this year. However, due to the ongoing writers strike, the release of the American sitcom is likely to be delayed.

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Who is in the cast of Young Sheldon?

Iain Armitage plays the titular role of Sheldon Lee Cooper in the humorous sitcom. Sheldon is a child prodigy who excels in science and Math, is arrogant, obnoxious and lacks understanding of social cues.
Zoe Perry plays the role of Mary Cooper, Sheldon’s mother who is quite overprotective of Sheldon and is in charge of spoiling him.
Lance Barber plays George Cooper Sr. George is Sheldon’s father who works as the head football coach at Sheldon’s school.
Montana Jordan plays the role of George Marshall. Also called George Jr, he is Sheldon’s older brother
Raegan Revord plays the role of Missy, Sheldon’s younger twin sister.

Annie Potts plays the role of Constance Tucker, the maternal grandmother of the siblings whom they lovingly refer to as “Meemaw”.
Other cast members of Young Sheldon include Matt Hobby, Wyatt McClure, Emily Osment, Ryan Phuong, and Doc Farrow among others.

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Where to watch Young Sheldon for free now?

Wondering where to watch Young Sheldon online for free right now? We’ve got you! The globally acclaimed American sitcom starring Iain Armitage currently has six seasons, all of which are accessible across different streaming platforms. You can stream several unlocked episodes of Young Sheldon for free on CBS with a VPN. You can also watch the show for free on Paramount Plus by signing up for its free trial. However, you will require a location-based payment for it.

You can also watch all the six seasons of the show for free on Max by signing up for its free trial. You can also watch all the seasons of Young Sheldon for free on DIRECTV by signing up for its free trial too.

Watch all the seasons of the sitcom for free on HBO Max

Watch all the seasons for free on Direct Tv

You can also watch all the six seasons of the prequel to The Big Bang Theory on YouTubeTv and Amazon Prime Video by signing up for its free trial.

Watch all the seasons for free on YouTubeTV.

Watch it now on Amazon Prime Video

While the above platforms stream Young Sheldon, the show could not be accessible to viewers outside USA. So you might consider using VPN for watching the popular sitcom.

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