Are you one of those people who loves the adrenaline rush one gets after watching horror movies? If yes, the best horror movies 2022 are must watch for you!

Best Horror movies 2022

The year 2022 is coming to its end. This year was a great one for all the movie lovers out there. Many great movies and dramas in several genres released this year. We also witnessed the release of some very thrilling and suspenseful horror movies this year.

So many horror movies released in 2022. And almost all of them were unique in itself. In short, the year 2022 was a great years for horror movie lovers as many great horror movies released this year.

Although almost all the horror releases of 2022 were great, here is a list of the best horror movies 2022 for you:

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Barbarian- One of the best horror movies 2022

Barbarian is one of those horror movies of 2022 that you simply cannot miss watching if you enjoy the adrenaline rush one gets from watching horror film. We all have lived in rental homes at least once in our life. Have you ever considered the possibility of the rental home you are living in to be haunted?

Barbarian- One of the must watch horror movies of 2022

Barbarian follows the story of a young woman who books a rental home in a new city for a job interview. However, on reaching the rental house, she finds out it is already occupied by a stranger. So, left with no choice, she ends up sharing the house with the stranger.
You must be thinking this is the worst that could happen to her. However, everything completely changes for her when she finds out, there are more than just her and the stranger in that rental house.

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Crimes of the Future

As the name suggests, Crimes of the Future is a horror movie that takes place in the future. Crimes of the future is a sci-fi body horror movie.

The story of this horror movie follows the life of a performance artist couple who perform surgery for audiences in a future world where some people have experienced rapid human evolution.

The Crimes of the Future is undoubtedly one of the best horror movies 2022. Directed and written by David Cronenberg, it is a film you cannot miss watching if you love horror movies.

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Nope- One of the weirdly unique horror movies of the year

The Nope is one of the best horror movies 2022 that shows how everyone try their hardest to gain popularity but end up with a bloody fate.

The plot of Nope is quite unique and ‘weird’. It tells the story of a man and his sister who spot something evil while overlooking their California horse ranch. They make an attempt to find the evidence of the eerie UFO. On the other hand, the proprietor of a local theme park tries to cash in on this eerie, otherworldly phenomena.

You can watch Nope on Amazon Prime.

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The Menu

The Menu is one of the best horror movies 2022. This movies was released on November 18 right around the Halloween time.

The story of The Menu takes place at a restaurant of Chef Slowski, a renowned chef. One evening, Chef Slowski invites a limited group of people to enjoy his finest delicacies from his ultimate menu. However, the menu in this movie is not the normal menu you can think of. It consists of a number of political messages that are conveyed through food and get crazier and bloodier with each course.

The Menu is a must watch for all the horror movie lovers who enjoy watching dark comedy.

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Nanny is a combination of household, immigrant, and folk horror. It mostly tells the tale of a single lady who wants to provide for her family.

The movie Nanny depicts the tale of an African woman who wants to move her small kid to America with the aid of her new employment as a nanny. However, all she has struggled for is under danger as a terrible presence starts to enter both her dreams and reality.

Nanny is one of the best horror movies 2022 that you cannot miss watching.

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Men- A must watch horror movie for all

Men is one of the best horror movies 2022. It tells the story of Harper Marlowe.

Harper Marlowe goes on a private retreat to the English countryside after her husband James killed himself when she told him she wanted a divorce. When she reaches the countryside house, she is welcomed by Geoffrey, Geoffrey, the housekeeper gives off a friendly but slightly unnerving impression.

Harper soon discovers that every man has the same look as Geoffrey when she is there. When she tries to escape the countryside on knowing this, she is chased after by the men who try to kill her.

You can watch Men on Amazon Prime.

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