Are you a fantasy series lover? If yes, Willow is definitely something you need to watch!

Fantasy series have been ruling the hearts of viewers across the world recently. Many new show released and became great hits. Among them most of the huge hits were the ones that took us to fantasy world in 2022. And just as the year is almost coming to its end, we have yet another banger fantasy series enchanting the viewers.

Willow is a fantasy series that has been a hot issue among the fantasy genre lovers. The new show released on Disney+ recently and it is already all over the internet. So, if you have not yet started watching the fantasy series yet, this is your reminder to start watching the new show.

What is the new show about?

Willow is an American adventure and fantasy series. It is based on the film of the same name which was released in 1998. Willow also is a sequel or follow up to the 1988 film.

Willow- A must watch fantasy show of 2022

Although the fantasy film was not really a great hit, it has quite a strong fan base who have been anticipating the release of the sequel to the film that released almost 34 years ago. Willow released recently after long years of wait. And looking at the reactions it is receiving, the long wait for the sequel seems quite worth it.

The plot of the new show is related to the film that released in 1988 since it is a prequel to the film. Willow will once more center on the emergence of evil forces. In order to save the world, Willow must assemble a band of heroes and lead them on a journey through some of the most perilous terrain far from his home.

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Where and when to watch Willow?

Fantasy series are everyone’s favorite. They take us to a whole another world that makes us forget all about the real world.

Willow has been almost like a pre- Christmas gift to all the fantasy series lovers all over the world.

The first episode of the new show released on November 30. The series is releasing exclusively on Disney+ as of now. So, if you want to stream the fantasy show, you might consider getting a subscription for the online streaming platform.

If you do not have subscription for the online streaming platform. Or if you do not want to take a subscription, you may consider signing up for the free trial of Disney+. This way you will be able to watch the fantasy movie for free. However, you may want to wait till all the episodes of the new show are out to for this.

The first three episodes of the new show have already released on Disney+. So go on and watch them before your friends give you spoilers!

You can watch the new fantasy show on Disney+

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A Sneak Peek into the first episode of Willow

After Queen Bavmorda was vanquished, her daughter Sorsha, who married Madmartigan became the new monarch. She gave birth to Prince Airk and Princess Kit.

While Kit is in love with the aspiring knight Jade, Airk seems to have a romantic bond with the commoner Dove. Sorsha wants to make Kit and Prince Graydon’s marriage official. She is also impacted by Madmartigan’s inexplicable absence and visions of the Gales, who is a danger to her reign.

The Doom, the Scourge, the Lich, and the Dag are among the Gale forces that invade Tir Asleen. The Lich infects Commander Ballantine. In the meanwhile the Dag kidnaps Airk.

Kit, Dove, Graydon, Jade, Jrgen Kase, a knight, and Thraxus Boorman set off on a mission to free Airk.Several Bone Reavers chase the group after they pass the Barrier, and one of them kills the knight Kase.

With the aid of Boorman’s sorcery, the survivors make their getaway. They later come upon the Nelwyn sorcerer Willow, who discloses that Dove is actually Elora Danan. Willow also discloses that the Withered Crone, who lives within the Immemorial City that is beyond the Shattered Sea, is holding Airk captive.

This was all about the story of the first episode of the new show on Disney+ that has been a talk of the town. As you can see, there is already so much going on right from the first episode of the new fantasy series. So, we can only expect things to get even more better in the coming episodes.

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Who is in the cast of the new fantasy film?

Warwick Davis will reprise his role as the movie’s renowned title character in Willow.

Joanne Walley is reprising her role of Sorsha in the new show. She is the Queen of Tir Asleen.
Ruby Cruz is playing the role of Princess Kit. She is the princess of Tir Asleen. She sets out on a mission to save her brother, Airk.

Dempsey Bryk is playing the role of Prince Airk. He is Kit’s kidnapped twin brother who gets kidnapped.

Erin Kellyman is playing the role of Jade. She is an aspiring knight and also the love interest of Princess Kit.

Tony Revolori is playing the role of Prince Graydon in the fantasty series. He is a young students and also a member of the mission.

Amar ChadhaPatel is playing the role of Thraxus Boorman. He is a treasure seeker and a swordsman.

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Last Update: December 8, 2022