Microsoft in its surface event in New York discloses a new operating system “Windows 10X” that will release in the fall of 2020. This new system is specially designed and optimized for dual-screen foldable devices. It will work on products like Surface Neo that was launched with Windows 10X and other brand devices such as Lenovo, Dell, Asus, and HP.

Features of Windows 10X operating system are

The start menu will show recent documents

One of the interesting features that include in Windows 10X operating system is its brand new Start menu. It’s void of the Live Tiles seen on desktops with the newest software.

Staple live tile feature of Windows 10 that offers animated flipping icon graphics in the Start menu, is being removed completely in the new operating system “Windows 10X”.

New User Interface

The UI of Windows 10X is inspired by smartphones and tablet interface. It offers two screens, out of which one displays the home screen and others show the search bar, websites, and apps.

Testing Windows 10X on Surface Neo, it is found that an app can open with a single tap. It easily opens on one screen and can be expanded to two screens. Apps run on both the screen smoothly and also supported by expanded display area.

Pinned apps show on the start menu

The best features of the new operating system are that its start menu will hold the recent documents list, pinned applications and search bar. It works like a task launcher that is available in present desktops and laptops.

Note: This new operating system is specifically designed for dual-screen PCs. This is not an upgraded operating system version. It is a new technology that provides a unique and enriching experience to dual-screen PC users. It will be dropping soon in the market.

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Last Update: October 4, 2019