Another season of best wrestling series “WWE NXT” released on USA Network on September 18, 2019, Wednesday. The series follows the chief list of talent as they duke it out and deal with individual fights. Check out how to watch WWE NXT.

How to watch WWE NXT if you have a cable connection

If you have a cable connection then you can watch the NXT show on WWE Network or USA Network. As the new episodes of suits series are still airing, the WWE NXT will begin at 8 PM ET/PT, with the first one-hour episode on USA network and second one-hour episode available on WWE Network. After the completion of Suits episodes, the WWE NXT will completely air on USA Network.

How to watch WWE NXT if you do not have a cable connection

If you do not have a cable connection then you stream the series on your phones, tablets, laptops, Amazon TV, Xbox One and other streaming devices with the help of live streaming channels mentioned below.

Watch WWE NXT on Hulu with Live TV

If you have a traditional Hulu connection, then you can’t watch the show. Therefore, to live stream the NXT show you need a Hulu with Live TV subscription. It offers USA Network and 59 other live television channels.

With active Hulu with Live TV subscription, you can stream WWE NXT live on the USA Network on your Mobile Phone, Apple TV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Nintendo Switch, Roku, Tablet and other online streaming devices via interesting Hulu App and if you want to see it on your computer then don’t forget to use the Hulu website.

You can also stream NXT show later on with the help of Hulu feature that is Cloud DVR storage of 50 hours and upgraded “Enhanced Cloud DVR” of 200 hours, with fast-forward commercial ability.

Watch WWE NXT on DirectTV Now

DirectTV Now offers 60 plus channels in a monthly subscription of $35. Its easily affordable “Live a Little” Package offers USA Network that helps you in live streaming the WWE NXT.

So if you are in a mood to watch NXT series on your computer, then use DirectTV Now website or if you want to stream it on your mobile phone, tablet and other streaming devices then use DirectTV Now app.

Watch WWE NXT on Sling TV

Sling Blue package of Sling TV provides 40 plus live streaming channels, including USA Network.  It costs $25/month, after seven days of the free trial.

It allows you to live stream NXT show on your computer screen via Sling TV website or on your mobile phones, tablets, Xbox One, and other devices via the Sling TV app.

With its 50-hour cloud DVR storage and other feature, you can watch the missed shoe later on.

Watch WWE NXT on FuboTV

Out of many popular live streaming services, FuboTV is one of them. It offers a pack of 95 plus channels, including USA Network.

Its app (FuboTV app) allows you to watch WWE NXT on your mobile phones, tablets, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast and other devices and its website (Fubo TV website) allow live streaming on Computers.

Watch WWE NXT on WWE Network

WWE Network is one of the best digital streaming platforms that provide exclusive news about the show as well as contain all details about the past WWE events.

It allows you watch WWE NXT on your computer via or your mobile phones (Android and iPhone), tablets, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, PlayStation 4 and other devices via WWE App.

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Last Update: September 19, 2019