Dark Phoenix is another disappointing sequel of this month after Men in Black International. This superhero film of 2019 fails to fulfill the expectation of its viewers or fans and score lowest in the box office opening weekend.

Simon Kinberg and the team of X-Men Dark Phoenix was thinking to celebrate the grand finale to the near –twenty-year franchise but things or we can say the film didn’t go according to the plan for 20th Century Fox. It suffers a whopping of -73% declines in its sophomore frame at the domestic box office.

The movie earns just $2.348 million in the second Friday which is 83.2% less than its first-day opening. This is the third biggest drop in the best Hollywood movies. After Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II and High School Musical 3.

The director of the movie said that X-Men: Dark Phoenix is quite different from its previous sequels. It’s not just a retelling of a classic comic arc but a grittier, darker and more grounded remake of its previous franchise.

Some reasons for Dark Phoenix failure

X-Men movies are gained great appreciation from the audience. They always scaled up the expectation of people such as The Wolverine in 2013 earns $53 million in the opening weekend; X-Men in 2000 earn $54 million and X-Men: First Class in 2011 earns $55 million in 2011.

One of the foremost reasons why people reject the Dark Phoenix is that the movies are complex and jumps back forth across the overall timeline. People get confused by the timelines.

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The best part of X-Men movies –X-Men United, Days of Future past focus on one plot with maybe a couple of sub-plots along the way that converged with the main one at the end. While the worst parts like Apocalypse, Last Stand, Dark Phoenix were drowning in sub-plots.

The villains in the previous part of X-Men series are exciting and fearsome while in this part “Michael Fassbender’s supposed to be a mysterious villain with torn allegiances but he was nothing more than a boring character.

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