You Season 4 has become one of the most popular series on Netflix in the past few days. It is a must watch for anyone who loves spine chilling thrillers!

You Season 4– Release date, Cast, trailer and more about the Netflix’s top crime thriller series

You is one of the most popular names when we talk about psychological thrillers in the past few years. If you are an avid watched of crime series, ‘You’ is one of those recent releases that you must have definitely watched.

First released in 2018, You is an American serial crime thriller series that is based on the novel series by Caroline Kepnes. After the release of the third season of the crime series in 2021, the popular psychological thriller series is finally back now. You Season 4 released on 9 February and it instantly became the top series on Netflix in no time.

If crime thriller is your favorite genre then You Season 4 on Netflix is something that you definitely should not miss watching! Here is all you need to know about the release date, cast, trailer and more about You Season 4, the most popular series on Netflix right now:

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When is You Season 4 coming out?

Since the release of You season 3 in 2021, fans have been desperately waiting for the psychological series to be back with another spine chilling season again. You season 4 is finally out on Netflix and fans all over the world are more than excited about it!

There are total of 10 episodes in the latest season of You series. You Season 4 is releasing on Netflix in two different parts each consisting of 5 episodes each. The first part of the crime thriller series released few days ago on 9 February.

You season 4 release date of the second part is set to release a month later on 9 March 2023. So, we will have to wait for quite a frustrating long month wondering what happens next in the Netflix’s psychological thriller hit.

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What is the plot of You Season 4?

You follows the story of Joe Goldberg, who has a terrible history of stalking women. Joe is a troubled romantic and all his love interest often end up dead. Joe decides to start a new life in a new country with a new persona in You season 4. However, his troublesome past does not seem to leave him.

The plot of You season 4 centers around a cunning bookshop manager who is obsessed with an aspiring writer. She starts subtly and deliberately removing every barrier on her path to him to satisfy this obsession.

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Trailer of You Season 4 part 1

You season 4 is one of the top crime series on Netflix in the recent years. The official trailer of the highly anticipated season of the You series released on 9 January, 2023.

You can see Joe Goldberg introduced as Professor Jonathan Moore in the trailer for part 1 of the psychological thriller series. Joe is seen starting a new life as a professor in a new city.

The trailer also shows us the new elite friends group of Joe. However, his new life in London does not look really smooth.

Watch the official trailer of You Season 4 part 1.

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Trailer of You Season Part 2

The trailer for You season 4 part 2 opens up to show Rhys telling Joe how he is looking for a friend whom he can confide in and tell his secrets to. Rhys also tells Joe that he cares for him.
The trailer of the part 2 also shows Joe saying that he is not a cold blooded psycho. At another moment in the trailer, you can also see Joe digging up a grave.

Watch the official trailer of You season 4 part 2 here.

Who is in the cast of the popular psychological crime thriller series on Netflix?

Penn Badgley is back again to play the lead role Joe Goldberg in You season 4. Joe Goldberg has a new identity for himself in this season of the hit crime series on Netflix. He goes by the name of Jonathan Moore, a literature professor at a university in London.

Tati Gabrielle is back again as Marienne Bellamy in the crime series. Marienne is Joe’s love interest in the third season of the crime series.

Charlotte Ritchie is playing the role of Kate Galvin. Kate is a cold and feisty gallery manager. Joe develops an interest in Charlotte.

Tilly Keeper is playing the role Lady Phoebe. Phoebe is the best friend of Kate and is from an aristocratic family.

Amy Leigh Hickman is playing the role of Nadia Farran in You Season 4. She pursues literature major and is in Joe’s class.

Ed Speleers is playing the role of Rhys Montrose. Rhys is popular writer and politician and is friends with Joe.

Lukas Gage is playing the role of Adam Pratt in the thriller crime series. Adam is a affluent play boy and Phoebe’s boyfriend.

Given above were the main cast members of You Season 4. Other cast members of the show include Stephen Hagan, Adam James, Eve Austin, Niccy Lin, among many others.

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