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YouTube Originals: List of 2019 Best Series That You Must Watch

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Since 2005, YouTube is the best streaming channel to watch movies, television shows, and originals. It is the top platform where we can watch our favorite songs, episodes, and trailers of all popular shows, music videos, information videos, etc.

Apart from this the most interesting part of YouTube is it produces original shows. Like Netflix, Amazon Prime and other online streaming giants, YouTube also offers various genre web originals that people love to watch and re-watch.

Here, we mention the list of top YouTube originals shows that you watch or stream with your family and friends.

1. Wayne

Shawn Simmons created action comedy-drama “Wayne” is available on your favorite video streaming channels YouTube. The storyline of the 2019 show follows a boy who tries to get back his father’s stolen car with the help of his girlfriend whom he liked.

2. Weird City

Weird City is a collection of science-fiction anthology series that set in the near future in the city of Weird. Every individual episode of the 2019 series shows the city divided into two halves on the basis economic class. One above the line is populated by Haves and one below the line populated by Have-Nots.

3. Sherwood

Started on March 6, 2019, Sherwood is a science-fiction animated series watched on YouTube. The series set in a dystopia 23rd century and show the adventure of a 14-year-old hacker and her friend during the battle of Sheriff of Nottingham.

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4. Almost Ready

2019 YouTube best original series “Almost Ready” is an interesting documentary ever-watched on the channel. Shay Mitchell starring web show documents her pregnancy journey in a biweekly.

5. Retro Tech

YouTube’s original television series “Retro Tech” is an interesting six-episode drama starring Marques Brownlee and Casey Neistat. The top-rated show of 2019 shows the history of iconic Nintendo Game Boy, first introduced in 1989.

6. The Age of A.I.

Docuseries of 2019 “The Age of A.I” is an inside look at how artificial intelligence changing the world. The eight-part series show the ways due to which Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Neural Networks changing the world.

7. Fischer’s and The Lost Treasure

Japanese action-comedy series Fischer’s and The Lost Treasure is a unique show available on your favorite streaming channel YouTube. The series shows four members (Silk Road, Masai, Ndaho, and Motoki) on the adventurous 14-day journey of the long-lost treasure of Captain Kidd.

8. Cricket Diaries: Men of the Match

The latest YouTube Indian reality series “Cricket Diaries: Men of the Match” is hosted by Aparshakti Khurana. Each episode of the original cricket chat Hindi series shows some untold and fresh stories related to cricket legends and Indian victories.

9. Obsolete

YouTube original series “Obsolete” is a Japanese animated show directed by Hiroki Yamada and Seiichi Shirato.  The series set in an alternate history where aliens came to Earth in 2014, offering to give us a special technology known as “exo-frames” — robots controlled by a user’s consciousness. The series premiere on December 3, 2019.

10. Glad You Asked

Joss Fong, Alex Clark, Christophe Haubursin, and Cleo Abram hosted new YouTube original series “Glad You Asked” is an amazing series that show some of YouTube’s most searched and most interesting questions. The series first five episodes began on October 8 and series six to ten episodes will be debut on January 8, 2020.



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