If you have a streaming channel subscription and get confused about what to watch, so relax, and have a look at 10 best teenage series and movies loved by the audience and got a high rating.

Be comfortable on your comfy bed or sofa and grab popcorn, put your headphone, and ready with your laptop for a binge-watch.

Gossip Girl

Get a close look at the life of luxury-Gossip Girl leads you through the upper-class lives of New York’s finest. Gossip Girl is an American teen drama show starring Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage successfully ran back to back 6 seasons.

The Netflix best Teenage series about the group of upper privileged Manhattan private-school kids who keeps many secrets between them.

An anonymous blogger who keeps an eye on them from distant found their entire secret and revels one by one. The story is full of mysteries, roller-coaster romances, and drama.

The Inbetweeners

Inbetweeners the hilarious series stars Simmon Bird, James Buckley and Blake Harrison, who successfully ran 3 seasons on Netflix.

Series about the 4 troubled friends who moved their adulthood leaving behind their adolescence period. This series explores the student’s life, deceitful teachers, and their relationship failures.

This best teenage series is full of comedy and humor, can’t regret watching. In the 2011 British Comedy Award, this program won the award for Outstanding Contribution to British Comedy.

Back to the future

Wanna go for a ride of the past-the movie gets you. This Netflix teenage movie is based on time travel, Marty Mcfly, a 17 years old high school boy travels 30 years back by the time machine invented by his friend Doc Brown to take a closer look of the life of their future parents and becomes the part of their romantic lives.

Directed by Robert Zemeckis, the science fiction/adventure movie released in 1985.


Created by Carlos Manteo and Dario Maradona, Elite a popular thriller series that recently hit Netflix.

The story revolves around the 3 working-class teens Samuel, Nadia, and Christian who got a scholarship in an exclusive private school of Spain, having that thought that their life would be better now.

As they enter, they are not liked by wealthy students of Spain and the conflict arises.

Adventure starts with the classmates murdered and everyone is under question.


How does the toxic relationship look like? Want to know the better picture; this popular Netflix Teenage series will help you.

This series teaches you about the obsession of the bookstore owner; Joe Goldberg came into the lives of female writer Guinevere Bake develops the toxic relationship with her leads to murder who came along her way by using her social media account without knowing her.

The series tells you about the toxic love, obsession, and selfishness that you get addicted to. The American physiological thriller series produced by Greg Berlanti and Sea Gamble came with 2 seasons.

Making a murderer

Real-life documentary thriller series directed by Laura Ricciardi and Moria Demos.

Served 18 years behind the bars for the crime that he didn’t commit Steven Avery, again arrested by the police for the murder of 25- year old photographer Teresa Halback.

This series is based on a real-life incident, also run in HBO and PBS.

A walk to remember

If you want to experience real love, this teen movie will not disappoint you for sure. Directed by Adam Shankman, it is an American 2002 romantic drama movie.

This teenage movie is based on the novels released in the 1950s and the makers were concerned that they do not meet audience preference. But this movie loved by the audience.

A girl Jamie doesn’t care about the people who think about her, she lives her life in her way. Jamie falls into love with London; the story revolves around their beautiful relationship.

Edge of seventeen

Are you edge of crossing 17 or you crossed 17, then this best teenage movie relate you.

The movie is about the girl Nadine whose best friend starts dating her older brother Darian who is popular in school.

As she is the only friend in her entire school that matches her vibe, she felt alone. Her world is upside down when she caught her friend with his brother in bed.

The comedy and teen drama directed by kelly Fremen Craig who beautifully pulls over the teenager cynic’s life and their mind.

Handsome Devil

Netflix popular teenage movies “Handsome Devil” follows Ned (a social outcast) and Conor (a star rugby player), two underclassmen roommate who unexpectedly forced to share a bedroom at their boarding school.

Things get change when the loner and the star athlete at this rugby-mad school form an unlikely friendship until it’s tested by the authorities.

Sex Education

The teen-oriented TV series Sex Education focuses on several social issues like sex, teenage pregnancy, bullying, racism and many more.

The story of the teen series features a high school lad named Otis Milburn, who’s confused about his sexuality. It is ironic because his mother is an expert in this field and has always been open about it.

Armed with the knowledge of the birds and the bees, Otis opens his own consulting business where he helps fellow students with their sexual problems.

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