What if you spent your 40 years of life in prison and away from your children? HBO dropped a new documentary “40 Years a Prisoner” a powerful story about the ‘Move Nine’ black activist chronicles a son who commits his life to fight for the release of his parents. The story of love, commitment, injustice, and pain.

The documentary, 40 Years a Prisoner, released on December 8 on HBO. Executive produced by Common, Get Lifted Film Co’s Mike Jackson, John Legend, and Ty Stiklorius in association with Confluential Films. 

The documentary produced, directed, and shot by filmmaker Tommy Oliver. Shines a spotlight on the 1978 police raid of the Philadelphia-based Black liberation group Move. 

He shared his views while making his documentary “It became apparent that 40 years ago, Move was fighting the same things we’re fighting today: systemic racism, police brutality, wrongful incarceration.”He becomes the voice for black lives known for his films The Perfect Guy and the successful reality series ‘Black Love’. 

What is the plot of the documentary “40 Years a Prisoner”? 

The documentary explores the 1978 incident through the eyes of a son Mike Africa Jr. Whose parents spent 40 years of prison for the death of a police officer.

The documentary focuses on the struggle and sacrifice of a son who was born in prison. Commits his life and willing to do what takes his parents to release from prison. Spent the rest of his life peacefully and with family.

The incident took place in 1978 in Philadelphia arose the Black activist organization Move. Sparked a shootout that killed a police officer James J. Ramps. After the violent police raid, who were among nine members of the revolutionary group MOVE imprisoned were the parents of Mike Africa Jr., who met director Tommy Oliver, to talk about his lifelong battle to free his parents from the prison and searching for the truth about what happened 42 years ago. 

The story of the son’s love that devoted his life to freedom from his parents and injustice. Prevails of racial tension and police brutality which sentenced them years of imprisonment. The trailer said-“He will never be free until his family comes home”.

40 Years a Prisoner explores pain and injustice of race experienced by African family in America over last 4 decades. Witness the story of life-long struggle through the lens of Mike Africa Jr. 

Who will the cast of the documentary film? 

The documentary filmmaker Tommy Oliver went through decades-long investigation and research. Into what happened the day through wide-ranging access to archival footage and interviews. With the MOVE members, neighbors, journalists, former police officers, and politicians. 

The cast includes the real personality who experienced the revolutionary MOVE. The members comprised Mike Africa Jr. as Self, Delbert Africa, Janine Africa, Ramona Africa as Self, Sue Africa, Wilson Goode as Self Edward Rendell as Self, Frank Rizzo as Self Linn Washington. 

Where to watch the documentary 40 Years a Prisoner? 

The 40 Years a Prisoner released on 8 December 2020 on HBO and HBO Max. Get an active subscription and the new installment of drama is available for a watch every week.

The subscription plan is currently $14.99per month plus applicable taxes. 

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Last Update: December 9, 2020