From The Platform to Sunday’s Illness, here is a list of the top Spanish movies on Netflix you should consider watching in 2023!

The Platform- One of the top Spanish movies on Netflix to watch now!

Is learning Spanish your newly found hobby? Or has watching “La casa de papel” ( Money Heist) left you wanting to explore and watch more Spanish movies and shows? No matter what the reason is- whether you are looking for some good Spanish movies to watch for learning the language or simply for entertainment purpose, Netflix has your back! There is quite an amazing collection of Spanish shows and Spanish movies on Netflix that you will definitely enjoy watching.

Whether you love a tear jerking drama film, or a film that makes you scream with horror, Netflix has it all for you! Here is a list of some of the top Spanish movies on Netflix that you must consider watching right now :

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The Platform- One of the top Spanish movies on Netflix you must watch !

The Platform is one of the best Spanish movies on Netflix that you just can’t miss watching! This science fiction horror film is one of the top Spanish movies out there and it explores the themes of classism, survival, and greed.

The plot of The Platform is based in a vertical prison with cells built on top of one another. Every day, food is sent from the top to the bottom of a platform, allowing prisoners on the upper floors to chow down before supplies run out. The people on the lower floors, meanwhile, are left only with scraps and are forced to take desperate methods in order to survive. Inequality in society and the extent people will go to in hopes of surviving are major themes in the film. If you are a die hard fan of dystopian movies, then you must watch The Platform!

Watch The Platform on Netflix

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Through My Window- One of the best Spanish movies on Netflix

Through My Window is another one of the top Spanish movies on Netflix you must watch! It is based on the novel bearing the same name by Ariana Godoy. This beautifully romantic star-crossed teen drama film is directed by Marçal Forès and stars Clara Galle ( portraying the role of Raquel) and Julio Pena (portraying the role of Ares).
Raquel is an average teen girl hiding a life-long crush on her hot neighbor Ares . As the two get closer, Ares finds himself developing feelings for the girl, with their budding romance growing over his parents’ objections to the relationship. Through My Window is certainly one of the top Spanish movies on Netflix you should definitely try watching right away!

Watch Through My Window on Netflix

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Sunday’s Illness- One of the top Spanish movies on Netflix that will make you feel blue

Sunday’s Illness is another amazing film in the list of the best Spanish movies on Netflix you must watch right now. The storyline of this heartbreaking drama film follows Anabel (played by Susi Sánchez), an affluent and guilty woman, as she suddenly reunites with her daughter Chiara (played by Bárbara Lennie). Throughout their 10-day reunion, the two ladies confront old secrets and upsetting revelations that alter how they see each other and themselves.

With an amazing storyline that explores the complex dynamics of an estranged mother-daughter relationship, Sunday’s Illness is one of those Spanish movies on Netflix that you must watch right away!

Watch Sunday’s Illness on Netflix

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Perdida is one of the top Spanish movies on Netflix you just can’t miss watching. This suspenseful thriller film follows the story of a detective who has been searching for her missing childhood friend for years. Directed by Alejandro Montiel and based on Florencia Etcheves’ novel Cornelia, the movie offers a disturbing perspective on the consequences of obsession. The protagonists’ relentless pursuit for answers is driven by their overwhelming sadness and emotional turmoil, leading them down a dangerous path. Montiel masterfully creates a bleak and desolate atmosphere, highlighting the dark and treacherous territory that obsession can lead to. Perdida is a compelling and suspenseful film that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats, showcasing the damaging effects of obsession and the price of finding the truth.

Watch it on Netflix

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Ready to Mingle

In the romantic comedy Ready to Mingle, Ana (Cassandra Ciangherotti) chooses to take a class with a love coach in order to meet her ideal marriage after splitting up with her boyfriend of 10 years. The film follows the standard rom-com structure, with amusing makeover scenes, awful date montages, and an endearing romantic interest in Diego (Juan Pablo Medina). Although the movie doesn’t attempt anything groundbreaking, it’s nevertheless a lot of fun to watch and has a lighthearted, funny vibe .  Ready to Mingle is a must-see for anyone who appreciates a good rom-com and seeks out a fun and upbeat film to see.

Watch Ready to Mingle on Netflix

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