The answer to whether or not we can stop pollution, lies in whether we are willing to let go or change some of the things that are bringing damage to our environment. Nations have worked hard to come up with new technology and better industry policies, all in a bid to make us more civilized. Yet, we can’t help but ask ourselves the question, is civilization worth our environment, is it worth the health risk, is it worth a losing battle with mother nature?  

If we are willing to change, then yes, pollution can be stopped or at least reduced to a bare minimum. The first step towards this is for us to stop being selfish and utterly inconsiderate when we make certain decisions including where to dump toxic fumes and waste, whether to make products that are less environmentally toxic and how to use the naturally available resources. It may cost money to do so, but then again, cheap is expensive. Should we avoid the preventive measures now, curative strategies will not only cost us more, but they will also be overly difficult to implement.  

There are many measures that have been put up by environmentalist, philanthropists and even governments towards stopping pollution, including protecting natural resources, cleansing aerosols and the fumes that we use and also detoxifying wastes especially industrial wastes before they are released to the environment. There have also been many campaigns, events, and activities held on the same agenda. It is even part of the syllabus our children get to learn. However, the inevitable effects of pollution are dawning on us. It is now a time to make a change of heart and love the world we live in some more. We need to look around us and think about our future and that of the coming generations. 

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Last Update: May 27, 2019