We all have watched various historical series and movies on online streaming platforms but Fellow Travelers is different from all.

The series not only covers the historical events that happened from the early 1950s to the late 1980s but it also shows a strong love bond between two men.

From storyline to characters, from picturization to everything, the series has almost the best and most eye-catching.

To know more about this interesting top historical romance drama, check the details mentioned below.

Fellow Travelers: Brief Introduction

Fellow Travelers plot focuses on two different men Hawkins Fuller and Timothy Laughlin who first meet in McCarthy-era Washington in 1950 and fall in love with each other.

Although they have a constant threat of getting caught, their love for each other never fades.

They faced various protests and crises such as the 1960 Vietnam War protest, the 1970 drug-fueled disco hedonism, and the 1980 Aids crisis.

Challenges from the world and inside continuously grow.

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How many episodes does the new series contain?

Based on the Fellow Travelers novel by Thomas Mallon, the new historical romance series contains a total of 8 episodes.

Where to watch the new historical romance series?

The new series is available to watch online and download from October 27, 2023, on Paramount Plus.

You can also watch the new drama on Showtime from October 29, 2023.

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Fellow Travelers: Cast

Directed by Ron Nyswaner, the cast of the October 2023 series includes top-performing team members.

Matt Bomer as Hawkins Fuller, Jonathan Bailey as Tim Laughlin, Jelani Alladin as Marcus Hooks, Linus Roache as Senator Wesley Smith, and Allison Williams as Lucy Smith.

Other supporting members are Will Brill as Roy Cohn, Christine Horne as Jean Kerr, Chris Bauer as Joseph R. McCarthy, etc.

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